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Husman - P.O.W. / Break Down

May 29, 2012

A realm for those looking for hot new producer talents, W&W's Mainstage Music label now brings the next name on stage. Dutch producer Husman lands two strong and melodic trancers: 'P.O.W.' & 'Break Down'.

With a debut like this, we're right to say that Nick Housmans has a promising future ahead. Residing under his Husman moniker, the young talent enters the game and takes the high score.

Both 'P.O.W.' and 'Break Down' show that he's got a great feel for melody, delivering warm-flowing and deep prog-trancers with an energetic and electro-based pay-off.

We're expecting many more big tunes to come from this new player in the game of EDM.

Keplar quality