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Gold for Mischa Daniels single!

September 15, 2011
Canada knows where it's heading off to. On to the dance floor, with Mischa Daniels’ ‘Where You Wanna Go’ playing out loud! Less than a year after his debut album was released, the title single now received Golden status in Canada. For months in a row, it’s been in the Top 5 of most played tunes on Canadian radio, now followed by sales exceeding 40.000 downloads!

In Canada, Dutch producer/DJ Mischa Daniels sold more than 40.000 downloads of his single ‘Where You Wanna Go’ feat. J-Son. The title track and first single of his debut album, released in September 2010, reached the golden status after being in the Top 5 of most played tracks on Canadian radio for months in a row.

‘Where You Wanna Go’ is Mischa’s collaboration with rapper J-Son and mixes house with a hip-hop touch, representing the diversity of the album. It was released on Mischa’s own Fame label, home at the Armada Music record company. The official music video of the single already received more than 3,6 million views.

‘Where You Wanna Go’ also got high chart positions in the US, Belgium and France, as well as reaching the number one on BPM/Sirius Radio.

We’d like to congratulate Mischa with this great accomplishment, and invite everyone to check out the official music video of the feel-good houser feat. J-Son, on!

Download on iTunes. Check out Mischa's Facebook page here!

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