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Global DJ Broadcast vote and showcase

December 14, 2009
Vote now for your favourite set and classics!

GDJB World Tour 2009 - Vote For Your Favorite Set
The end of the year is fast approaching, and to celebrate Markus Schulz's World Tour series in 2009, we invite you to select your personal favorite liveset that has aired on the broadcast over the past 12 months.

The most popular set will be aired on the Christmas Eve edition of Global DJ Broadcast.

You can vote simply by clicking on the link below:

GDJB Classics Showcase 2009 - Your Suggestions Wanted!
For the fifth consecutive year, Global DJ Broadcast celebrates the holiday season by bringing its year to a close with a celebration of the greatest progressive and trance classics, mixed by Markus Schulz, and compiled by you the fans.

Which track is your favourite of all time? What tune would you love to hear again that you have not heard in ages? Please leave your suggestions for the Classics Showcase by logging on to the Markus Schulz forum and posting in the requests thread.

The list will be compiled and sent off to Markus in preparation for the GDJB Classics Showcase, airing on New Year's Eve.

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