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Global DJ Broadcast Top 15 – June 2010

May 28, 2010
Packed with new tunes, by Jochen Miller, Galen Behr, Ummet Ozcan, Susana, Max Graham and more!

The month of June 2010 is extra special to Markus Schulz. Not only will his third artist album, ‘Do You Dream?’, be released, he also looks forward to another month of new music – and DJ gigs all around the globe. June is also the month in which 4 of his Global DJ Broadcast radioshows will air, and feature his selection of the best in trance, prog and anything else rocking his sets. His ‘Global DJ Broadcast Top  15’ of June 2010 is his collection of personal favourites. You’ll find the highlights of his GDJB show in a 15-track pack, including an extra classic.

June 2010 is packed with new tunes, by the likes of Jochen Miller, Galen Behr, Ummet Ozcan, Susana, Jer Martin, Be:Gold, Max Graham and more! Download 'GDJB Top 15 - June 2010' on iTunes now!

Spiral Waves - Time Runs Too Fast (Intro Mix) (05:24)
Max Graham - Does She Know Yet 2010 (Radio Mix) (03:08)
Artento Divini - Who's Next (Remix) (06:38)
Anton Firtich feat. Victoria Mazze - Meant To Be Free (Robert Burian  Remix) (07:08)
M6 - The Flow (Skytech Remix) (06:55)
Susana feat. Omnia & The Blizzard - Closer (Original Mix)  (07:58)
Ummet Ozcan - Trinity (Original Mix Edit) (04:26)
Galen Behr - Seconds Before We Landed With Our Eyes Closed (Original  Mix) (07:58)
Jochen Miller - Humanoid (Original Mix Edit) (03:23)
Jer Martin - Ten Minutes To Midnight (7 Skies Remix Edit) (04:06)
David Forbes & Alan Nimmo - Samui (Original Mix) (07:36)
Norin & Rad - Always A New Day (Original Mix) (08:44)
Karanda feat. David Call - On Hold (Noah Neiman Remix) (07:16)
David Forbes - Aria Waves (Light Mix Edit) (03:22)
Be: Gold - Sun Stroke (Original Mix) (06:47)
Rio Addicts - Crossroads (Classic Bonus Track) (09:23)
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