Glenn Morrison launches Morrison imprint at Armada

September 10, 2008
In a quest to find deeper, diverse and digging sounds, one must not look any further.

In a quest to find deeper, diverse and digging sounds, one must not look any further. Canadian producer Glenn Morrison is what you seek for. After a whole lot of work which included gigs all around the world, successful releases on several big labels and the start of his own label Morrison Recordings, Glenn is now teaming up with Armada Music.
Where did it start?It all began at the age of 4, when Glenn started classical piano lessons and did not only found out what hard work is like, but also providing him a good standard to do what he loves most: make music. He took his piano skills to several national stages and at the age of 14 he had the highest level possible through the Royal Conservatory of Music. But it wasn't just classical music that made this boy's heart pound faster. Soon he discovered the electronic beats of dance were what he's destined for. It wasn't long before the dance floor became the centre of his plans and he made the transition from the well-mannered world of fugues and sonatas to club sound systems. Glenn started working at Toronto's Release Records where he could develop his creative and business skills by taking care of the A&R on several imprints. This eventually lead to the foundation of Morrison Recordings in 2005, which is not only praised for its high-quality dance releases, but is also a serious player in the provision of tracks for videogames and movies. With this musical background and experience, Glenn is considered to be one of the major upcoming players in the global dance music scene. He's done remixes for none less than the Pet Shop Boys and Craig Armstrong, has been sweeping the dance floors with tracks such as 'Contact', 'Blue skies with Linda', 'Circles' and 'No Sudden Moves' and owns his own agency, ie:Morisson Agency. Besides that, Glenn has the reputation for being one of the most easygoing and likeable figures on the dance music scene today. And this young talent is about to take his success to an even higher level.
Where is it heading to?Armada is proud to announce that Glenn has started his own imprint, Morrison. It will be hosting several, top notch artists and talents. As you can see, hard work really does pay off in the end. Perhaps even more excited about this collaboration, is Glenn himself.Glenn took some time to explain a little something about the label.Glenn: 'There will be lots of amazing vocal projects through the label, with some of my favourite producers from around the world. We have artists like Robert Babicz, Gutterstylz, 16 Bit Lolita's, Bill Hamel, Dj Yellow, Joris Voorn, Zoo Brazil, Mason, Tom Middleton, Musetta, and many more. I am overwhelmed by the constant support from the people in the industry and have wanted to take it to the next level as of late. Working with Armada is going to take that next level approach and turn it into reality.'

Choosing Armada as a home base for Morrison, was an easy choice for Glenn. 'I've kind of alluded to it in the prior question but it really comes down to Armada being a figurehead in the industry for professionalism, musical quality, and a creative collective. Coupled with the fact that I've already worked with Armada on several occasions prior to the label deal, I'm good friends with the people over there, so it just made sense. I'm really excited to work with the Armada team, and I have all the confidence in them to really help and brand Morrison as a figurehead in the international dance community.'
The first releaseFirst release of the new imprint, will be 'Musetta - Red Star', one of Glenn's discoveries. Well, what about it? Glenn: 'The 'Musetta - Red Star' release is an energy-filled, uplifting vocal track that has Marinella's voice working to full effect here overtop the guitars and strings. The remix package is lush as well, with a Bruce Aisher remix being mellowed out and perfect for a comedown on a club set. The Michael Cassette mix is more peak time, and has recently been selected for the Armani Exchange compilation mixed by Markus Schulz. Lastly the Paul Keeley remix is floaty, atmospheric and goes down very well in the clubs, more so for early-on rather than later. Support here has been wide-ranging, from Sasha and John Digweed to Armin Van Buuren to Nick Warren to Tiësto to Danny Howells, and many more.'
As you can see, Glenn's got it all figured out and is set to provide you some strong and tasty new material which you'll surely love. Make sure to keep an eye on this flaming new imprint.

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