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Ghaderi & Ikus - 'Jaded' [OUT NOW]

June 09, 2015

CapnNeCkBeard had a question from our forum, so we thought it best to answer here: "Where does The Bearded Man stand on the whole 'early bird/night owl' debate?" Hmm… good question! It's a tricky one, because on the great balance of things, The Bearded Man has experienced equally positive moments on both sides of the coin. Counting down to midnight without a watch or clock in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle? Night owl. Ripping a motorcycle through the crisp Colorado air at 7AM? Early bird. It's clear that there are two different styles of life, and sadly, The Bearded Man requires too much sleep to experience them both at the same time. Always eschewing rigidity whenever possible, The Bearded Man recommends that no one get locked into the same groove for too long, whatever his/her predisposition might be. Otherwise you'll never see the end of a festival. Otherwise you'll never see the world warming up from a mountain top. That's the key to never getting jaded with what you think life might be.

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