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Get in the mood for Electronic Family on Spotify!

June 28, 2012
We're almost there, Electronic Family! Saturday 30 June will see the EDM family gather in the Amsterdamse Bos for the second time. Here's all you need to know concerning this already renowned festival. Expect some amazing DJ sets and live acts by the world’s greatest artists, including live shows from Baggabownz, Susana and Christian Burns. Only a few days to go and things will go mental, get ready for Electronic Family!

Arising as one of Holland’s trance festivals, the second edition of Electronic Family awaits us. This Saturday, at the Amsterdamse Bos, a stellar line-up and thousands of smiling faces will give you an excellent kick-off to the summer season. To get in the mood, we suggest you turn up the volume, start sipping a drink and dance in your own bedroom, to the Armada Radio playlist on Spotify!

Especially updated for Electronic Family, it is bursting with energetic, melodic and powerful anthems, all ready to get you in the mood for hours of dancing! Go check it out!

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