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Get in the mood for 'Armin Only Embrace' with the live registration of 'Armin Only Intense'!

April 21, 2016

Good news for the ‘Armin Only’ fans! To get in the mood for Armin van Buuren’s ‘Armin Only Embrace’ world tour, you can now watch the live registration of his ‘Intense’ world tour on YouTube.

The live registration was recorded during the final shows of his previous world tour (‘Armin Only Intense’) at the Ziggo Dome, allowing you to experience or reminisce about the best moments of Armin van Buuren’s six-hour solo show alongside dancers, bands, vocalists, and songstresses.

The ‘Armin Only Embrace’ world tour is based on Armin’s ‘Embrace’ album and is to kick off on May 6th and May 7th at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, followed by a string of spectacular shows all over the world! We hope to see you there on May 6th or May 7th, or somewhere else in the world during the ‘Armin Only Embrace’ world tour.

April 29th: Sneak Preview – Brabanthallen, The Netherlands

April 30th: Sneak Preview – Brabanthallen, The Netherlands

May 6th: Armin Only World Premiere – Ziggo Dome, The Netherlands

May 7th: Armin Only World Premiere – Ziggo Dome, The Netherlands

May 14th: Armin Only World Tour – Gdansk, Polen

May 20th: Armin Only World Tour – Dubai, UAE

July 30th: Armin Only World Tour – Marbella, Spain

September 17th: Armin Only World Tour – Sofia, Bulgaria

October 1st: Armin Only World Tour – Minsk, Belarus

October 8th: Armin Only World Tour – Mexico City, Mexico

More shows will be announced soon. Keep an eye on for the latest info on the 'Armin Only Embrace' world tour!

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