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Get Closer to Susana

April 29, 2010
We’ve uploaded some special previews of her tracks on YouTube!

Acoustic Session
Her soothing voice is about to take you in. Susana’s debut album ‘Closer’ is now available as a pre-order and will hit the stores on May 7th. To take a closer look at this talented singer, she recorded an acoustic session, with her singing ‘Shivers’. You bet there’s going to be shivers up and down your spine…

Check the video on YouTube!

YouTube previews of 'Closer'
Dutch vocalist Susana introduces you to her multifaceted voice, as she joins forces with some of the best producers in dance music on 'Closer'. The album will hit the stores May 7th and is now available as a preorder. To get a feel of the ‘Closer’ experience, we’ve uploaded some special previews of her tracks on YouTube!

Discover the ‘Closer’ tracks day by day, as we upload two new tracks everyday!

For more info about the album, check here!

Pre-order the album on iTunes for only € 6,99!

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