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Gareth Emery feat. Gavrielle - 'Far From Home' (Incl. Craig Connelly Remix) [OUT NOW]

April 30, 2016

Instantly making its mark on today's music landscape through Gareth Emery's magnificent melodies and the haunting vocals of Gavrielle, 'Far From Home' hits the nail right on the head. Conjured up by the U.K.-born Electronic Music pioneer as yet another astounding single on his third artist album, this superb creation caters to the needs of the amassed fans gathered at the world's music hotspots. And that is exactly where a masterpiece like this one belongs, as does the thrilling, full-on Craig Connelly remix that comes with it.

Listen or download: Gareth Emery feat. Gavrielle - Far From Home (Incl. Craig Connelly Remix)

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