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Frank Pole feat. Kris Allen - 'Some Days' [OUT NOW]

April 28, 2016

Ahhh Madrid. The old alma drid. The old stomping grounds of The Bearded Man. "Who needs money when you got friends?", he was often heard saying. And you can live like a king for cheap there. The bocadillos alone make any trip to Madrid 100% worth it. For those low on funds, going out is a simple matter of finding a church square and just sitting down on the ground. Before long, groups of eager salesmen will descend on you, offering cheap, €1 cans of beer, snacks, and more. Sittin' n' sippin'. Hanging out with hundreds of like-minded people on a gorgeous, clear-skied evening, listening to music and great conversations. It was here that The Bearded Man met a captivating girl, who struck up enchanting conversation with him. Just as things were getting good, she said she had to leave, but not before asking The Bearded Man to join her later that evening for sangria. In his mind, The Bearded Man was sure she said "Mesón de la Guitarra". Unfortunately, what she had actually said was "Mesón de la Tortilla". As our hero waited in the dimly lit cave, he ordered himself a pitcher of sangria. It was surely the best he had ever had in his life, but where was she? Even though he was waiting for the girl, he quickly lost track of time. A local tuna had arrived, serenading all the guests with brilliant Spanish songs. Before he knew it, he was swept up in the moment, and the entire night had passed him by in a blur of great songs and laughter. Walking home, he finally remembered the girl. Talk about being in the wrong place at the right time. Oh well, some days are just like that. And wouldn't you know it? He never saw her again.

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