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Francesca Lombardo announces single 'Eye Ring', an enchanting vocal performance

May 18, 2018

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As an artist that has unquestionably cultivated uniqueness in both her productions and live performances, Francesca Lombardo explores the richness of her diverse musical background through ‘Eye Ring’, the first single taken from her forthcoming debut album ‘Life Of Leaf’: an LP of elegant instrumentation and engaging composition.

Italian-born and classically trained, Lombardo’s journey as a touring DJ and producer has taken her global, playing prodigious shows ranging from Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Get Lost and Circoloco.

A declaration of identity, ‘Eye Ring’ could be Lombardo’s most touching track to date in which her vocals take center stage, each word delivered carefully with unwavering patience.

Through its harmonious pianos and delicate string details, ‘Eye Ring’ conveys both formidable passion and a dreamy wistfulness that hints at a true relationship album - interchangeable in style yet rooted in the heartbeat of personality and life experiences.

Lombardo’s voice skims, hollows, comforts and cries, guiding the track’s effortless groove like a soft flashlight. Demonstrating a vocal narration that is as confident in delivery as it is innocent, Lombardo whispers and invites in a way that is complimentary to the track’s sparse, warm and radiating atmosphere.

If ‘Eye Ring’ is a statement of intent, we can expect Lombardo’s ‘Life Of Leaf’ LP to be a true interrogation of the self, pushing the boundaries of creativity through orchestrated instrumentation whilst playing on the narratives of memories we can all relate to.

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