Forthcoming Album Markus Schulz - Release 2nd July 2007

June 11, 2007
Markus Schulz's star is in the ascendance.

Markus Schulz's star is in the ascendance. Following the release of his debut artist album, he's jumped to number 19 in the prestigious DJ Top 100, enjoyed huge success with his Ibiza 2006 CD, seen his weekly Global DJ Broadcast radio show syndicated to over 30 stations worldwide, and travelled everywhere from Australia to Russia, China to Trinidad, and many other destinations along the way.
His stunning second artist album, Progression, is the result of these experiences, and offers listeners a slice of his trademark dark, melodic trance alongside beautiful chilled tracks, guitars, and sublime vocals. Says Markus, 'Progression was conceived in the summer, whereas the debut album was done and released in winter, so Progression is less dark, and more influenced by sunny days in Miami. 'Trinidad to Miami' was actually written while I was flying over the ocean with the sun shining on the water, and encapsulates that feeling of optimism and happiness.'
While some artists might find it hectic putting together an album with so much going on, Markus thrives on the inspiration he finds in his two bases - Miami and Berlin - and gigs everywhere in between. 'I can't do one without the other - playing for the crowd makes me excited and gives me ideas for getting into the studio. When I'm in the studio, I can't wait to play out what I'm making and seeing people react to it - the processes feed off each other. '
The album kicks off with Markus Schulz vs Chakra's 'I Am', Markus' take on one of his all time favourite records, for which Chakra supplied the vocals with their blessing. Other highlights include Daydream, with a vocal guest spot from Carrie Skipper, who also puts in an appearance on Lost Cause, and Daydream with Andy Moore, the sun soaked 'Let It Go', and a collaboration with Markus' protègè Mike Targansky, aka Elevation. Iberian chill out comes in the form of 'On A Wave' featuring Anita Kelsey, while 'Cause You Know' is a rock influenced, mid tempo ballad. 'An artist album is very different to a mix CD - a mix is a snapshot of what you're playing at that time, while an artist album is a bigger expression of what's inside you artistically, so it's amazing to watch the crowd react to your own creation,' says Markus. A Progression Tour is now planned, and the audio and visual assault promises to be unmissable.
'When I grew up listening to music it had a huge influence on me, and made me who I am, so when I make my own music I do it with the listener in mind and try and recreate that one on one feeling I've always had. It's something that gets you through hard times, is a soundtrack to good times, and touches you in a unique way. I'm really proud of this album, and I hope people playing it will love it as much as I do.'
Tracklist:01: I Am (vs Chakra) 02: Spilled Cranberries 03: On A Wave (Feat Anita Kelsey) 04: Lost Cause (Feat Carrie Skipper) 05: Mainstage 06: Fly To Colors 07: Let It Go 08: SLA9 09: Daydream (Feat Andy Moor) 10: Perfect (Feat Dauby) 11: Trinidad To Miami 12: Cause You Know (Feat Departure) 13: Cause You Know (Is This The End) (Feat Departure)

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