Flashback: Signum - Push Through

September 24, 2008
The first ever Signum release at Armada was the almighty 'Push Through', released on the 'A State of Trance' imprint.

The first ever Signum release at Armada was the almighty 'Push Through', released on the 'A State of Trance' imprint. Though Signum had several success before, both guys made the biggest impact to the scene with this beauty, leaving footprints in trance history and causing major damage to the dance floors around the globe. 'Push Through' received massive support from the scene and got praised by the critics. No wonder, with a sophisticated percussion, sweeping, indulging melody and mind-blowing break that results in a bass rolling on to the almost oriental effects like that. Signum, the successful team up of Pascal Minnaard and Ronald Hagen, is the unavoidable guise that has kept trance alive throughout the years. Time to look back upon this track with the guys from Signum themselves.
Armada: How did you guys came up with 'Push Through'?
Signum: 'Well, we drank 5 bottles of vodka and it was suddenly there, without touching the sequencer. No, just kidding! Actually, it was made in the period that our former company wasn't doing that well. We just got our new studio pc and the new Cubase and Reason, and 'Push Through' was the first track we've made with that setup. The new setup and first time working on the pc gave us loads of inspiration. Pascal came up with the main riff and from there on we started building everything around it. And eventually it became one of those tracks, where everything was just right, sound wise. Every sound that was used suited so well! You just don't get that a lot.'
Armada: Ever thought it was going to be such a big, long-lasting track?
Signum:'No, not really. Despite it being one of our personal favourites. We loved the track and the way it worked out so much. We were hoping that the people who heard that track were going to get hooked onto it just as much as we did while making it. And that actually happened! It went like crazy, and actually still gets played a lot!'
Armada: What special memories did it bring you guys?
Signum: 'It's one of those tracks that when you hear it, you know exactly where you were the first time you heard it. Armin played that track at his gigs a lot and we once visited the Asta, a club in The Hague, where he was performing his first Armin Solo. It was so cool to hear that track on the other end of the dj booth, and seeing the reaction of the crowd going nuts!'
Armada: What's been going on in the meanwhile? Any changes in musical styles?
Signum: 'Producing, as always! We're currently busy working on our first artist album, which is really time consuming , but really cool to do. We can finally do a wide range of styles, so expect a very diverse album. Next to that we've got Signum Signal and the D-factor guise on which we're working, but we just might come up with a totally new project soon!'
Armada: We've heard one of you recently moved to Norway. Does that mean we'll be hearing a lot less from Signum?
Signum: 'No, hopefully the opposite! It's really easy now we're swapping projects. When Pascal has a great idea, I'll talk to him on MSN, and we exchange the projects. So in the end, we can now do twice as much. So far it's working great!'
Armada: What's to expect from you guys in the near future? Any upcoming releases or exciting gigs?
Signum: 'Loads of new music of course, with the artist album coming up! Maybe we'll do some other new projects as well. And a brand new website is in the making as we speak. We just got back from Australia and New Zealand, that was just amazing! Other than that, we've got some cool gigs here in Holland and will be visiting the Czech republic for the first time. And something very special might just happen to us, but we can't tell too much about it yet. So keep your eyes and ears open!'
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