Flashback: Roland Klinkenberg - Monday Groove

October 05, 2009
His groovy tech-house sound has been doing the job for him for over 15 years. This Dutch producer/DJ is now back with a new EP on 68 Recordings.

No case of the Mondays for Roland Klinkenberg. His groovy tech-house sound, firmly mixed with minimal and progressive, has been doing the job for him for over 15 years. Hitting in with the right practiced skills, up-to-date sound and feel for alteration, this Dutch producer/DJ is now back with a new EP on 68 Recordings. And though he's been away from music for a while, he never really left. Right at the point where his 'Tijuana Blues' and 'Jacked Edge' are about to hit in, we look back onto one of the numerous classics Roland Klinkenberg is responsible for. 'Monday Groove', one of the very first releases on the Electronic Elements, still does its job on the dancefloor. Time for a little flashback into Roland Klinkenberg's past and present.

Armada: It was hard to choose which track would be your 'Flashback'. What would you say, makes 'Monday Groove' so special?
Roland: "Always hard to judge your own stuff but I'll have a go at it...I think it's kind of a stripped down track, a simple track. Then there's the break down that's so long, up till a point that it almost gets on your nerves before it kicks back in..."

Armada: Any special memories regarding the track?
Roland: "Well, it's been a while really, but I can remember playing the track for the first time and seeing the crowd respond to it. It's always a bit of a gamble but this one turned out pretty well."

Armada: What's your definition of a 'classic'? And which tracks would you define as classics?
Roland: "Well, a classic is a track that's going to be remembered by a lot of people. Kind of a timeless track, maybe the first in its genre. A track that stays in the record box forever. For example 'Joey Beltram - Energy Flash'. Hehe, that one's easy right?"

Armada: Your style has always been fluctuating a lot, and has always been really diverse. From drum and bass to tech-house and trancy minimal. Is there any reason why you don't like to restrict yourself to one style?
Roland: "I just don't like to be restricted. Who would really? However, I do strive to keep a certain sound for a certain project. For example, when working with Remy the outcome will not be a Drum & Bass track!"

Armada: You've been releasing tracks since 1992. How do you manage to be innovative and keep track of what's all going on, year after year?
Roland: "Go on holiday as long and as many times as possible. Just leave the music for a couple of months. You'll need this to reinvent yourself after a while. For me it's also very important to listen to other music too, not only dance. Actually, I don't listen much to dance music apart from buying tracks at Beatport. I only hear dance when doing gigs or when preparing radioshows or so.."

Armada: Do you think the music has evolved in a bad or good way over the past years, if you look at today's productions in comparison with the 90's?
Roland: "Obviously it has evolved...but more in the way things sound, not in a musical way. You hear a lot of recycling going on. Old sounds are being re-used in new tracks again. I like this, plus the fact that today's music sounds a lot tighter than most productions from the early 90's. That's called revival right?"

Armada: You and Remy have been producing quite a few big bangers over the past years. What makes working together with Remy so productive?
Roland: "We've been friends for a long time and that helps when you spend time with someone in the confined space of a so called 'home studio'. That, and the fact that we complement each other. Remy is more of a DJ and I'm more a producer. I'm not saying that Remy can't produce tracks by himself but you know what I mean.."

Armada: What's coming up in the near future? Any exciting new stuff coming up?
Roland: "Well, thing is, the last year was a very busy one. I got married and I relocated to the south of France. All this and some other things just took longer than expected but it's all been worth it! Right now I'm more or less settled here and the studio is up and running. I'm hyper psyched to get this show on the road. Man, feels good to be back producing stuff after these hectic times. First release ('Tijuana Blues' / 'Jacked Edge') will be on 68 Recordings on the 5th of October!"

More info on Roland, check his website.

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