Flashback: Robert Nickson - Spiral

December 05, 2008
'A true classic', 'this is trance at its best' and 'this is what melodic trance should sound like'.

'A true classic', 'this is trance at its best' and 'this is what melodic trance should sound like'. Just a couple of comments on Robert Nickson's 'Spiral'. And you've got to admit, 'Spiral' really does apply to that description. With a solid build-up, a lovely melody on top and a whole lot feeling and euphoria underneath it, 'Spiral' deserves the classics title. It was his second release so far, and it sure opened the way to a whole lot more. It didn't take long before the multi-national guy became part of the Armada Music family. After 'Spiral', Robert released another 8 productions on the 'A State of Trance' imprint, of which 'Rewire' and 'Liberate', his collabs with Daniel Kandi, are having major impact on the dance floors at the moment. Besides that, his 'Trance World Volume 5' has just hit the stores and is ready to bring his beloved, true trance sound to the masses. Time to look back and ahead with the true trancer called Robert Nickson.
Armada: Ever thought Spiral was going to be such a classic? Do you think it's 'worthy' enough to be called a classic, or do you have a different view on what applies as a classic?Robert Nickson: 'No, but then I don't think anyone who produces a track thinks 'wow this will be a classic in 5 years'. I think it fits in that 'new generation' of trance classics, I still consider stuff like Gouryella and Binary Finary to be the real classics. But that's just me, someone who started listening to trance 5 years ago might think differently'.
Armada: How did it end up at Armada? Were you already part of the Armada company back then?Robert Nickson: 'Dave and I had already signed '5th Dimension' to Armada in 2003, so the obvious first choice was to continue working with Armada. I was really happy to release it on ASOT. It really fit in well with the other releases on ASOT.'
Armada: Any special memories concerning the track?Robert Nickson: 'I remember the first time I played it out at a huge trance event in Madrid. It was the last track I played and it really banged. I think it was also one of the longest voted future favourites on ASOT too. Because it was future favourite towards the end of the year, there were some special episodes and therefore no new favourite came for about 3 weeks. Yes I know that's cheating but what are you gonna do about it ;)'
Armada: Do you agree when people say 'this is what trance should sound like'?Robert Nickson: 'Haha yeah, I think Armin said that? I don't know if everyone would still agree to that today as trance has evolved since, but I still prefer this style of trance. Banging but with an uplifting edge.'
Armada: If you hear the track now, is there something you wish you'd worked out different?Robert Nickson: 'I've tried remaking it over the years, but I was never satisfied. I wouldn't say the original is perfect, but it's still the version I prefer most. From a production side it could sound cleaner, but at the same sounding less clean adds some "charm".'
Armada: This one was released shortly after 'Out There', another classic which, at the moment, is hitting back hard in the Daniel Kandi remix. Do you think Spiral will ever be 'back'?Robert Nickson: 'I'm sure it will return someday, all classics seem to return sooner or later. Several people have offered to make a remix, some of which could sound really interesting. Who knows'_maybe next year!'
Armada: You haven't really been busy dj'ing. Is it because you rather focus on producing or did it just not really work out for you? Robert Nickson: 'I have focused on producing this year, I've released more tracks this year than in previous years. The dj'ing world is very competitive and unreliable though. Just when you think a booking is confirmed it either gets postponed or cancelled. There's some interesting stuff lined up for next year though if all goes as planned!'
Armada: What's going on in the meanwhile? Any new stuff coming up? Any more collabs with Daniel Kandi coming up?Robert Nickson: 'Daniel and I haven't set anything up yet, but we both want to do something again next year so who knows. I think we were both surprised at how well things worked in the studio. I've just finished a new track which should be out sometime early next year. And then there's my first compilation Trance World 5 which should be out next week!'
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