Flashback: Firewall - Sincere

November 06, 2008
As the 6th release of the respected A State of Trance imprint, 'Firewall - Sincere' was fated to become a classic within only a couple of years.

As the 6th release of the respected A State of Trance imprint, 'Firewall - Sincere' was fated to become a classic within only a couple of years. A bit more than half a decade after its release on Ocotber 29th 2003, the song is still fit to send shivers down your spine. Man behind it all is no one less than UK's finest Producer/DJ Lange. Stuart Lange has been producing and remixing EDM since 1997, ranging from the purest trance to the slightly progressive side of it. Now ranked # 37 in the DJ Mag Top 100 and with the success of his 'Better Late Than Never' album fresh in memory, Lange's got himself settled at a comfy position in music industry.'Sincere' was the first track released with his 'Firewall' guise and one of the little productions Lange did under this moniker. But it had definite impact. With its sensitive yet uplifting melody, the minimalistic break and profound beat, 'Sincere' has grown out to be that tune you've loved and always will cherish. Time to look back and ahead with Lange himself.
Armada: Did you ever expect the song to grow out to such a classics? Do you consider it a classic yourself, actually?
Lange: 'No I didn't. I thought the track was good but the reactions it received surprised me! Well, I guess it's one of my best instrumentals, but I don't think it's an obvious classic.'
Armada: What, do you think, is the reason it grew out to be this big? Has it got like a 'x-factor'?
Lange: 'I think it's got a bit of character to it and it gently builds up rather than the typical 'breakdown-build up-drum roll-bang in' style that was so common at the time. Also, my good friend Pulser did an amazing job on the remix to create a more late set mix.'
Armada: Any special memories regarding the track?
Lange: 'I remember being quite experimental with this track. Maybe I was bored, but I got a microphone out and started recording all sorts of noises to add a human feel, including my own voice to add some atmosphere pads. Part of the breakbeat in the middle was actually me tapping/scratching with my hands on my mixing desk!'
Armada: There's a 2005 version of the song released as well. Did you feel it needed a new version?
Lange: 'I wanted to give it a slightly more modern feel a couple of years later and had Lange Recordings setup by then to re-release it. I think Smith & Pledger did a great job on the mix, although the first time I heard the remix I was a little surprised. I was due to play a gig with them in London so they said they wanted to test it out as it wasn't quite finished and I'd get to hear it. When I heard the breakdown I couldn't believe they'd stripped it right down to my vocal 'ahhs'! But, actually they didn't sound too bad, with the auto tuning!'
Armada: There's a vocal mix as well, why wasn't that one released?
Lange: 'There was never supposed to be a vocal version. I sent the track along with a couple of others to a writer just to use as ideas to write over. They came back with a song called 'Sincere For You'. It worked over the track but I thought it had better potential as a separate track so I produced 'Sincere For You' with vocals by Kirsty Hawkshaw. The vocal version of 'Firewall - Sincere' was accidently leaked out, which caused quite a bit of confusion!'
Armada: Why didn't you release it under your 'Lange' guise? What's the Firewall guise used for?
Lange: 'I was signed to Positiva as 'Lange', so invented the Firewall guise for my more underground melodic material.'
Armada: Will there be any more Firewall work coming up, or will you stick to the Lange productions?
Lange: 'Maybe. If a track feels like a Firewall I may release another but most of my material is focused towards Lange singles at the moment.'
Armada: What's coming up in the near future?
Lange: 'I've just had the release of ' Out of The Sky' with vocalist Sarah Howells and I'm back in the studio with her now for a future single. Gig wise I've got some other really exciting stuff coming up including the Godskitchen Arena at Fantasylands, Scotland, my return to the Gallery @ Ministry of Sound, and a New Year tour in Asia to name a few'_'
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