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Flashback album of the week: Armada: the Miami Essentials 2007

March 04, 2010
Armada Music is counting down the days till the end of March...

Armada Music is counting down the days till the end of March – when we head over to sunny Miami to be part of the annual Winter Music Conference. Business and pleasure meet at the countless high end clubs, as new talent and some of the biggest DJ’s in the world get the chance to show what they got.

Since not all of us are able to fly over for this special happening, we’ve been gathering the hottest tunes – and the sound of Miami – onto several albums. ‘The Miami Essentials 2007’ was one of them – representing the sounds of Mischa Daniels, David Forbes, Sunlounger, Dave 202 and many more. The sound of 2007 – which is still more than fit for today!

As this week’s official Flashback album, ‘Armada: The Miami Essentials 2007’ is now available on iTunes for only €4.99 / $5.99!

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