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Firing things up – with Heatbeat!

March 12, 2010
With the new EP on their side, loads new releases coming up and an impressive number of gigs ahead, Heatbeat is ready to start a little fire!

Scorching heat descends from Argentina. New musical sparks can be found on the Soundpiercing imprint, with the big beat, floor-filling, all-destroying Heatbeat sound ruling on ‘Hadoken’ and ‘Mr. Walrus’. Within 3 years, Heatbeat has grown out to a household name in trance, with every release a sure shot at the playlists and clubbing highlights. Agustin Servente and Matias Faint are the producing prodigies behind this project. Two hardworking, passionate youngsters, thirsty for unforgettable parties and hungry for good tunes. With the new EP on their side, loads new releases coming up and an impressive number of gigs ahead, Heatbeat is ready to start a little fire!

What’s up guys? How is the Heatbeat machine doing?
Heatbeat: “Hey Armada! We are really fine, enjoying the last days of the Argentinean summer. Just came back from our vacations in Brazil. We’re now doing studio time so we can finish our productions as soon as possible since we have some long tours ahead.”

Within 3 years, you guys released over 8 originals at Armada, and there’s no signs of slowing down whatsoever. How do you guys keep that Heatbeat sparkle alive?
Heatbeat:”It’s all about patience and hard working. Sometimes one of us shows to the other a 10 seconds sample..of an idea to the track. And we say: ‘Ok, lets work with this one!’. It’s also amazing since we already have 2 new releases finished and signed to Armada for this year!”

End of this month you guys will be travelling to Miami for the WMC. Will it only be partying – or a bit of business too? Any gigs there, maybe?
Heatbeat:”Miami is always party time! But this time we’re also going to spin at Ultra Music Festival. Not on a big stage, but it’s still a good gig and I hope that people come to see us. We’re also going to be in LA and San Francisco the week after WMC.”

Last year, after the release of ‘Because Of You’, you told us you were working on 3 different, new vocal projects. Where are they?
Heatbeat: “There are 2 tracks with Andrea Cardenal. She is a great talent from El Salvador. We are still working on them, since we wanted to take our time. One is more up tempo , the other one is more housy, perfect for the summer season. And then the third one is a male vocal. More info TBA :). We hope 2 of this 3 are going to be released this year. Watch out!”

We’re still recovering from that one, to be honest. But there’s two new Heatbeats out, ‘Hadoken’ & ‘Mr. Walrus’. What do we need to know about these?
Heatbeat:”Hadoken and Mr. Walrus are our two new boys in town. The good thing about this release is that we chose two great talents from Argentina to remix them. The guys of xGenic did a great remix of ‘Mr Walrus’, to give it more electro feel and Sequence and Detune made a great uplifter of ‘Hadoken’. We are really proud of them and we think they did a great job.”

‘Hadoken’ sounds like the follow-up to ‘Vergatron’, but ‘Mr. Walrus’ is something completely different. Wanted to shock us with a mindblowing electro-big room sound?
Heatbeat:”’Hadoken’ is the follow up of ‘Vergatron’. Since ‘Vergatron’ had a good feedback , we really wanted to make a ‘Part 2’ of it. Luckily with great results, since it was played by Armin, Judge Jules, John O’Callaghan, Leon Bolier, Sied Van Riel, among others. ‘Mr. Walrus’ is the new sound we are working on. More techno influence with some electro. But always trying to put the Heatbeat sign on it.

We heard a little rumor about ‘Mr. Walrus’ being someone’s manager? What’s up with that?
Heatbeat:”Yes, our manager Cristian Caseb. We called him ‘Walrus’ . He is a big promoter in Argentina as well. Why we called him ‘walrus’? Hm.... imagine, haha ! He is a great person though, so... “

So, what does Heatbeat have in stores for 2010?
Heatbeat:”Talking about production, our next release would be a collaboration with our friends from Exit. It’s already signed on Armada. The track is called ‘Go’. Big room electro trance with a great main lead. I think you guys would love it. The package will be completed with a ‘Joints Operations Center Remix’. And maybe a b-side that we are working on. It all depends if we can make it!
Regarding our gigs, we’re finally going to be in Europe this summer. From June to August. We’ve already got dates confirmed in Ireland, Ibiza and England. More info soon, but stay alert if you are in Europe!”

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