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Featured Spotify Playlist: Armin van Buuren - Tomorrowworld 2015

September 30, 2015

As providing you with top-of-the-line tunes is our main priority, we see it as our duty to give you a weekly update of one of our featured playlists, as those contain the very best records of the moment.

As Armin van Buuren graced the festival grounds of Tomorrowworld 2015 with his presence in old fashion, the promise of something intense was quickly delivered, with the five-time DJ Mag winner dropping a bunch of glorious tunes, including playing the title track of his 'Embrace' album ('Embrace' feat. Eric Vloeimans) live for the first time ever. Want to experience the highlights of his set?

Listen to the playlist below, or head over to the Armin van Buuren  - Tomorrowworld 2015 Spotify Playlist.

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