Famous celebrates 1st anniversary

November 10, 2005
It's FAMOUS' first anniversary and that requires a celebration.

It's FAMOUS' first anniversary and that requires a celebration. Because of this happy fact, organiser Armada decided to paint the town red and invited DJ's like Roog, Max Graham and Mischa Daniels.
FAMOUS' kick off was just 1 year ago, in this small period of time the club concept has developed it selves to one of the most successful concepts of Amsterdam. Thanks to fantastic line ups, great exposure and top location 'Panama', Famous conquered a permanent spot in the party agendas. And that's a good reason to celebrate.

What to think of Max Graham, the man who recently scored a massive hit with the remake of 'Owner of a lonely heart'. The clearly recognisable guitar tunes, the synthesizer sounds and clubbeat pushed a lot of people to the direction of the dance floor. Now Graham comes to 'Panama' to release his sound to the Dutch audience during a 2 hour long set. Put your hands in the air and let it go'_.
But that's not everything; Roog, the man who acquired a firm following the last few years with his Hardsoul sound, will also be present at this edition of FAMOUS and he will give it a push to give FAMOUS the anniversary it deserves.
That's exactly what Mischa Daniels will do as well. He's been the resident DJ of FAMOUS from the start and owner of the associated record label, Fame Recordings, on witch he released monster hits this year.Mischa made a Remix of Ruffneck's 'Everybody be Somebody' and released his own productions, such as the Justin Timberlake cover 'Last Night', at the Fame label. All his releases became direct floorfillers.
In Panama's smaller area it will be Perry O'neil and DJ Murphy who will rock the show. Perry is the captain of the progressive 'Electronic Elements' label. Besides his A&R activities, he produced dance floor killers for the Electronic Elements label such as 'Kubik' and 'Wave Force'. Perry is seen as one of the most rising stars in the international DJ scene. Last year he spinned the wheels at the most leading clubs in the world, from Ibiza to Miami and from New York to Birmingham. These days, all international top DJ's are carrying a Perry O'neil track with them in their record bags. Also his colleague Max Graham is charmed of his sound and recently signed a Perry production for his label and so it can't be named a coincidence that the label buddies are spinning together at this 1 year FAMOUS anniversary.
At his side DJ Murphy will show his skills and let the people see what he's worth.
Be you, Be Free, Be Famous!
For more information or interview requests;
Armada Events: Telephone: 020-4080846 (Nicole van der Valk)Panama opens at 23.00 uurPresale: 15 Euro, AUB Ticketshop, Leidseplein/corner Marnixstraat AUB Callcenter (0900-0191)Door: 17,50Panama: Oostelijke Handelskade 4, Amsterdam

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