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Fabio XB interview

September 19, 2011
Fabio XB visited our office in Amsterdam last week, and we caught up with him for a quick interview!

Hey Fabio! Welcome to the Armada office! What brings you to Amsterdam?

Fabio: “Hi, great to be here! I’m in Amsterdam mainly for two reasons. I have some meetings with people and friends that work in the trance scene, including the great opportunity to finally get to know the Armada crew, and the second reason is because I really love this city and it’s always great to walk around here. Especially in the leidseplein area, I absolutely love it! It’s nice to see how things work here, all the people in here are very kind, thanks for the warm welcome to all of you!”

One of your first big hits, was ‘Touch The Sun’ under the Alex Bartlett moniker. It was one of the most played trance tracks in the club and on radioshow. Why did you decide to focus on the Fabio XB alias later on instead?

Fabio:”Yes indeed, it was one of my first big hits and it was so good to have all the biggest support by many well-known dj’s!  The tune was released on the A State Of Trance compilation as well, and this, for me was a unexpected surprise. Same for ‘Off The World’, probably the track I’m mostly bound to, in my opinion these are my two best production under the Alex Bartlett alias. Actually, these days I’m working on a new song with Alex Class, the singer of ‘Off The World’ singer. I’ve decided to change my artist name because I need to start a new adventure using my real name.”

We’re sure this is one of the burning questions of the trancefamily, so we’d be happy if you can solve the mystery: what does the ‘XB’ in it stand for?

Fabio:”Many people ask me about the XB, I don’t know why there is so much attention on these two letters. There is a really simple explanation for the enigma! X and B are the last and first letters that belong to the AleX Bartlett alias. I wanted to keep some of the past in my new artist name. The past is what makes us what we are today, so I thought it was great to keep a part of my old work in my name, for my new project. “

Now, to give everyone a short introduction.. what sound does Fabio XB represent?

Fabio:”People can expect very dynamic and fresh sounds of the Fabio XB productions.

Mainly trance & progressive obviously, but with a little touch of pop as well. I love to produce vocals and I always will, but lately I’m also focusing on club instrumental productions, with nice melodies and a lot of groove. ‘Inside Of You’, out on Armind, has been my first instrumental track supported by many DJ’s and radio shows. Big thanks go to my friends Cosmic Gate for the extraordinary remix!”

You’ve collaborated with Lange, Yves De Lacroix, Andrea Mazza and many other talented producers. How did end up working with them?

Fabio:”Well, I regularly work in the studio with Yves De Lacroix, also because we live pretty close. We have a long-term project together – Fabio XB & Yves De Lacroix. We are working on a new single, which will be out in October. With Andrea Mazza, I’ve produced ‘Light To Lies’, my first release on S107. Lange is big friend of mine, he is a great producer and I am proud of our collaboration for ‘Electrify’. I really hope to collaborate with him again in the future!

‘Reflected’ was your first solo release on the ASOT label, released in January. Will there be more instrumental solo releases coming from you in the next few months?

Fabio:”Yes, on the 2th of November a new instrumental track called  ‘Luminary –Ascension’ will be released on Armada. It’s the official Trance Gate anthem, an Italian trance party based in Milan.

There’s also another instrumental track done, a collaboration with Ronnie Play that will be released in January. It’s called ‘Moozik’ and will also be released on Armada.

On the S107 label, you will soon release a vocal collab with Simona Barbieri. What can you tell us about this one?

Fabio:”I really like this song but I prefer to leave any comment to the people.

Simona and me have been working together for more than 3 years. She’s also the singer of ‘Light To Lies’ and ‘Close To The Stars’. We’ve got a great synergy in the studio.

The Italian dance scene is definitely getting bigger. What would you, being an Italian DJ/producer recommend to help improve it even more?

Fabio:”Thanks for the great question!  Yes, it is. Finally. Every year the scene is growing, especially in the main cities like Rome and Milan where I regulary play. I think that things have definitely changed in the last years, because of the hard work of the promoters and the Italian trance DJ’s that collaborate regularly to make things happen. Obviously the internet helped a lot, to connect with the trance family lovers all over the world. What I’d recommend is for everyone to keep going in this direction and I’m sure that even bigger  things will happen!

How has the summer of 2011 treated you? Did you have any exciting gigs or festivals?

Fabio:”Yes, I’ve played at Amnesia Milano with Ferry Corsten and Giuseppe Ottaviani in May.

In June I played together at the Trance Gate closing party in Milan with Lange, and in Rome for the Eden Tranceitalia event. I had some really nice gigs around the beach places and a great party at Ministry Of Sound’s The Gallery with Gareth Emery and Marcel Woods on August 19th.

In the near future I’m going to play at Eden (Tranceitalia) with John O’Callaghan on the 14th of October and at Trance Gate for the opening party also in October. Really looking forward for Grotesque XL  in Germany on the 24th of September and ADE on the 21st of October.

We’re planning an Asian tour as well. I am very happy to have so many great booking requests from all over the world. More info coming soon.

Thanks for the interview, it’s been a pleasure to be here for this interview!

Hope to be here soon for more updating!”

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