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December 15, 2008

LostSunlounger feat. ZaraDownload
"Let your fears go, you might find your way back home. Let your fears go, you might find that you're not lost..."
Roger Shah's new Sunlounger track will go in history as one of the most beloved trance tracks of 2008. Being echoed into the stratospheres of clubs, halls, outdoor valleys and ears over the past couple of months, 'Lost' has made quite some impact. The lovely voice of Zara perfectly matches the Balearic beats of trance master Roger Shah. 'Lost' is a powerful, yet sensitive trancer. Already featured on Armin van Buuren's 'A State of Trance 2008' and hammered by a handful of big DJ's, it got stuck in the heads of numerous Balearic minded people and clubbers, and surely won't be forgotten about soon.
Young talents Andrelli & Blue are lighting a few souls with their 'Thousand Lighters Mix' and gave the track a real peak time feel. Egyptian trance lords Aly & Fila added some smashing bass and pushed the tempo to a club cracker beyond imagination.

1. Lost (Club Mix)2. Lost (Aly & Fila Remix)3. Lost (Andrelli & Blue Thousand Lighters Remix)

Touchdown in Singapore / Endless AmbitionDan StoneDownload
Dan Stone is a name you've probably heard of before. Besides being a regular DJ on the club circuit for almost a decade, he's also been gaining the skills to produce some of the finest trance tracks around.
It all started with first release 'Tauro', that eventually led to 'Made in Bahrain', 'Road Test' and probably his biggest one yet, 'Spinal Chord'. All tracks were heavily supported by the trance elite. But this time, Dan is set to touch down in the upper-class of music industry by himself, with his new trancer 'Touchdown in Singapore' as the perfect bridge to success. True, uplifting synths, a steady build-up, pumping base and a powerful revelation of it all in the break. 'Touchdown in Singapore' has all the ingredients for a fierce trancer to rock and shock the scene.
1. Touchdown in Singapore2. Endless Ambition

Stab My SpeakerWillem van HanegemDownload
Inventive and destroying, those are the key words that come up to mind after hearing this one. Willem van Hanegem, half of new arrivals and 'Mustang' masters W&W, is breaking with trance as we know it. 'Stab My Speaker' is rough, dirty and ready for impact. Trancy techno and cracking electro whirl up and combine forces, perfectly reflecting Willem's ability to think and produce beyond the obvious loops and beats. 'Stab My Speaker' hits right there where it hurts the most: in the speakers.
On the remix duties we've got Chris de Seed, who turned the track into a cheeky, playful whole in his 'Chris de Seed Re-Work'.

1. Stab My Speaker (Original Mix)2. Stab My Speaker (Chris de Seed Re-Work)

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