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December 08, 2008

Dream DesignerPushDownload
A new Push biggie is coming up! M.I.K.E. has settled himself with the familiar samples and loops of his Push sound again, and provides you with another beauty. 'Dream Designer' is bringing back the oldskool trance sound so many of us love, but all in a shiny, fit for 2009-style. Belgian trance master and Club Elite owner M.I.K.E. has made some huge classics under his Push moniker, with 'Universal Nation', 'Strange World' and 'The Legacy' being three of the biggest trance classics around. This new 'Dream Designer' might just grow out to be another one.
For a bit of a playful twist, be sure to grab the 8 Wonders remix. Canadian producer Arnej gave the track a new approach by scattering his characteristic, deep sound on top of the already impact-ready original version.

1. Dream Designer (Original Mix)2. Dream Designer (8 Wonders Remix)

VampireMyon & Shane 54 feat. Carrie SkipperDownload
One of the most inspirational mythical figures of all time has to be the vampire. An endless mystery and source of creativity, as vampires were part of the night and therefore relate to so many party lovers. But besides being a creature of the night, a vampire is also associated with a thrilling sense of romance and drama. All this comes together in the team up of Myon, Shane 54 and singer Carrie Skipper. Like the mythical figure itself, causing a shuddering sensation of fright, 'Vampire' provides you with a heavy dose of shivers. The break is overwhelming and will leave you speechless. Carrie Skipper's ever clear voice carries the song to a point of absolute impact, while Myon and Shane 54 take care of the rest.
These young, talented Hungarian producers recently decided to team up and bind their strengths. Up so far, future's looking bright, as their productions find the support of almost every big DJ of the trance scene. We're pretty sure we'll be hearing a lot more from these two.On the remix duties, we've got UK's finest producer Gareth Emery, who gave the track a whole new feel, pushing it into a more clubby direction, adding his typical, beloved sound to it.
1. Vampire (Club Mix)2. Vampire (Gareth Emery's Garuda Remix)

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