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December 01, 2008
A week before the worldwide release, you're able to download two of our top releases.

A week before the worldwide release, you're able to download two of our top releases. This week we've got Ilya Soloviev & Paul Miller's 'Lover Summer' and W&W's 'Arena'.

'Lover Summer' is that one track you'll never forget as soon as you heard it. 'Lover Summer' has an unforgettable impact and will send shivers down your spine. Causing an instant crush, as 'Lover Summer' has one of the most steady build-ups and uplifting breaks you've ever heard. Both producers behind this track have received quite some international acclaim for their productions. The big names have been hammering Ilya's 'Sunwaves' and Paul's 'Memories of Love'. Teaming up might have been one of the best decisions they ever made, cause with 'Lover Summer' they've managed to capture the ultimate melody and hidden memories of a long lost summer.
Download Lover Summer here

'Arena' was produced by youngsters Wardt van der Harst and Willem van Hanegem, together forming team-up alias W&W. They have entered the scene with only one goal: to hear their sound waves bouncing back on the walls of arena's, clubs and halls, to see the speakers tremble as the bass kicks in and feel the dancefloor shaking by the amounts of dancelovers going wild on it.
That's exactly what will happen when this one is playing. 'Arena' is the follow-up of their 'Dome' and 'Mustang'. It has already proven its work, with Armin spinning it for over 20.000 people at his 'Armin Only: Imagine' concert in Utrecht. And we're sure he's not the only one to support this track. 'Arena' has a strong build-up, with distortive effects teasing around and pushing forward to a calm break where everything seems to come together. But stay focused, cause the break will lead to an outburst and erupt the sound that is loved by so many.
Download Arena here

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