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Ernesto vs Bastian – Bonanza

August 08, 2011
'Ernesto vs Bastian unveal their musical weapon for this summer season, the bombastic 'Bonanza'.

'Ernesto vs Bastian unveal their musical weapon for this summer season, the bombastic 'Bonanza'.

Thrilling global clubbers since the early days of trance, is Dutch duo Ernesto vs Bastian. After 15 years of producing nothing but highlights, the guys look back on a discography filled with classics. 'Dark Side of the Moon', 'Thrill', 'Hyper Globe', 'Every Inch A King' and the latest additions of 'Flight 101' and 'The Incredible Apollo', they've all got that typical, quality sound.

Clubbers will be pleased to see the anthem they've danced to in the past few months, finally come to life. It's 'Bonanza' that's going to make the floors tremble and the feet move out of control. This genuinely built production combines elements of dark and distortive prog with melodic and playful trance, hitting in exactly where needed. Need that last bit of energy? Turn up the volume on this one!

If you're into the harder side of tech-trance, try the Saint X remix. That one shines out with a mix of electro, trance and raw techno power. The Flyers, the duo from Macedonia and Russia, head down the proggy road of music. Their remix focuses on the melodic strength of 'Bonanza', surely to your liking.

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Bonanza (Original Mix) (06:58)
Bonanza (The Flyers Remix) (07:02)
Bonanza (Saint X Remix) (06:26)
Bonanza (Radio Edit) (04:11)
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