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Emma Hewitt - Colours vinyl winners!

January 27, 2012

Last week, our artist of the week was no one less than lady Emma Hewitt. To celebrate the release of the first single of her upcoming artist album, we planned a giveaway of 10 vinyls of ‘Colours’. The amount of reactions were astonishing! Whoever said that vinyl is dead? Because of the many reactions, Emma decided not to make 10, but 15 people happy!

So here they are, our official winners! Enjoy the vinyl guys and girls, and thank you for supporting Emma Hewitt and Armada Music! Keep an eye on the Armada Facebook for more Giveaways!

Richard Nash
Moises Arteaga
Timothy Walla
Jen Nguyen
Sage van Adel
Joel Slaff
Shashank Bhandwalkar
Mikhail Shirokov
Gary Phung
Andru Posteriori
Erin Goldbach
Kayley Allen
Naomi Bruynings
Lauren Ashley Shaw
Hebie Azzam

If you missed out on winning one, you can order your vinyl via!

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