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Emma Hewitt – burns the sky down

May 21, 2012

It’s here, it’s here!! ‘Burn The Sky Down’ is out now! How does that feel!?
Emma:”It feels great to finally let go of it and just put it out there.  When making an album it is so easy to keep going back and changing things. It is easy to hold on to it to tightly and feel as though you are never ready to put it out.  So it feels very liberating to actually put it out into the world and let it be what it will be.”
These past 3 months, you’ve spent your time finalizing the album. That must have been a hectic few weeks?
Emma:”It has been quite a hectic time. I have been touring a lot too, which has made things even busier. We are still in the last stages of finalizing all the album remixes, but it is wonderful to have the original side of the album finished. We also spent some time back in Australia recording a live acoustic DVD, which will come as a bonus with the double album release.”

What makes you most proud, now that the album is here? What did you learn from the whole process?
Emma:”I suppose I feel proud that we followed our hearts and took on something a little different, and that we saw it right through even though there were many set backs and a few tough times along the way. The whole process reaffirmed to me that I always need to trust my instincts.  To keep pushing through when something feels right, and also to trust myself to find another way when certain aspects aren’t working. I am really happy with the way we ended up making this album in the finish. It was a big project to take on, not being a producer myself, and wanting to incorporate so many live elements and specific sounds.”

Obvious question maybe, but why did you name it ‘Burn The Sky Down’?
Emma:”For me music has always been the light that can burn through the dark times. The title ‘Burn The Sky Down” sums up the passion I feel for music, and the way I believe songs can change the way you view things, songs really can ignite a fire within someone, and change the way our memories are shaped so for me, ‘Burn The Sky Down’ was an evocative image as to how we can punch holes in the darkness with our passion, which is for me music, and light our own way…”

This might come as a bit of a surprise for the fans, but there’s going to be a Deluxe Version of BTSD! What can we expect, any exclusive content on there? 
Emma:”Yes, I can’t wait for this release!  There are some really wonderful remixes of all of the songs, all by producers who I am a huge fan of!  Obviously Armin, Jerome Isma-Ae and Cosmic Gate created wonderful mixes of ‘Colours’. On the rest of the album there are mixes by Shogun, Arnej, Katfyr, Dabruck and Klein, tyDi, Ivan Gough, Morgan Page and many more. There will also be a free live acoustic DVD that we recently recorded in Australia.  This includes acoustic live versions of ‘Carry Me Away’  and ‘Be Your Sound’ as well as a few tracks from the album.  I really enjoyed this acoustic recording, I can’t wait to share this too.”

Both ‘Colours’ and ‘Miss You Paradise’ have done really well, the original and dance remixes. What’s the story behind ‘Miss You Paradise’, actually?

Emma:”Miss You Paradise is actually quite autobiographical.  The song is written about always leaving places and people behind to pursue a dream that won’t rest. There is a lot of hope in this, and happiness to be following that path, but also there is a little bid of sadness for the times and people left behind. This song is about missing the times that won’t happen because I can never be content to stay in that world.”

It was released with another beautiful music video. Where was it recorded and what was the concept behind it?
Emma:”We were lucky enough to work once again with the amazingly talented Elliot Sellers, and the team from The Masses on this video.  After filming ‘Colours’ with them we were really excited to see how they would interpret this song. This video is a little darker, which was a different side we really wanted to explore with ‘Miss You Paradise’ as a contrast to ‘Colours’.  The idea is that while driving in a car my memories take me back to a forest, and it is beautiful (a metaphor for memories left behind) , but I know I can’t stay there, I have to keep moving on until I reach a road and eventually drive away to somewhere unknown, and back to the moment I found myself in at the start. We wanted this clip to be quite ambiguous, we really wanted to convey that David Lynch, Lost Highway feeling, where you don’t exactly know what is going on, but you get the overall sense of the emotion.”

Rumor has it that the next single is going to be the deep and slightly darker ‘Rewind’. What do we need to know about this jewel?
Emma:”I can’t wait to release ‘Rewind’, this really is showing a much darker side to the two previous singles, but it is still an emotional song, so it is not too far removed.  Rewind was written about feeling a sense of nostalgia for a place, but returning there to find nothing is the same. The people have gone or changed, and nothing is as it was in your memories. I have so many times wanted to recreate  a certain moment or point in time, only to find it is impossible, moving forwards is always the only option. I am extremely excited about the remix package for rewind. Nic Chagall is finishing off a huge remix on this one and tyDi has already done a really nice, edgy mix. Dabruck and Klein have created a huge floor thumping version, and an amazingly gifted dubstep producer named Katfyr, has created a very unique version all the way from Portugal.”
Throughout these past weeks, you’ve also done quite a bit of promotion  for the album with gigs. Can you tell us about some of the highlights?
Emma:”I have been on tour constantly now for the past few months, which has been amazing!  I have only been home for 2 days in 3 months now.  I love being on tour.  Actually getting out there and performing the songs you have written is such a buzz, and such a different experience to being locked away in the studio.  Having that energy exchange with the crowd, and seeing first hand their response is really what it is all about! All the shows have been a great experience, recently Vancouver was wonderful, the Australian and South African tours with Cosmic Gate were all sold out and absolutely mental, Nocturnal in New York last night was a lot of fun!  I have just returned from a Mexican tour with Dash Berlin too which was a buzz! It is tough to compare the shows and pick a favorite, as they are all a unique experience, and I always get something wonderful out of them!”

And what about upcoming gigs? Anything you’re particularly looking forward to?
Emma:”Definitely!!  There are loads of shows coming up.  This weekend I’m at Avalon in LA with Cosmic Gate, next weekend I have 2 shows in Jakarta which I am also excited about!  EDC in Vegas on June 9th is going to be a huge one, I have heard a lot about this festival, so I can’t wait!  Another big one is the Big Love Festival in China on June 21st.  This is going to be an amazing festival, Muse, Avril Lavigne, Maroon Five, Extreme and many other pop acts are playing too, so I think it will be a very interesting experience and it definitely gives further confirmation of the way EDM is permeating the broader mainstream consciousness at the moment which is fantastic.”

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