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EDX feat. Tamra Keenan - Out Of The Rain

August 31, 2010
Maurizio Colella marks the music with his X-trademark sound!

Hoovering the EDM scene since the young years of the millennium, Italian born DJ and producer Maurizio Colella marks the music with his X-trademark sound. Switzerland has been the home base for his studio – the place where he remixed Axwell, Dubfire, Armin van Buuren and  Deadmau5, to name but a few. Though his remixes have made his name rise, it have been his ‘Casa Grande’ and recent hit ‘Hoover’ that really ranked him high on the list.

This time, he’s doing it vocal style himself – by teaming up with singer/songwriter Tamra Keenan for his new prog-houser ‘Out Of The Rain’. Gentle vocals, deep syths and sounds carrying you to the darker side of house music. A side of EDX we’d love to see more.

‘Out Of The Rain’ is now exclusively available on, including remixes by Mischa Daniels and Sebastian Krief & Roman F.

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