Do You Dream next week's Dance Smash!

August 25, 2009
Do You Dream has just been chosen as next week's Dance Smash on Radio 538.

Do You Dream has just been chosen as next week's Dance Smash on Radio 538!

The rise to great success with most top DJ's starts with a dedication born out of an obsession for music. For Markus Schulz, his story was no exception. Originally from Germany, Markus moved to the USA aged 13 and quickly become engrossed in the dance scene. The solid dedication for music has since formed his path in life and seen him storm up the charts to take his current place at number 8 in the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100 DJ poll 2008.

Anything coming out of the Schulz studio surely must be anthem-worthy, for Markus' new single 'Do You Dream' will be released as the official anthem to Radio 538's 'Evolution' event on September 19th in Assen, Holland. Inspired by his tours to Australia, Asia and Europe, Markus presents the next chapter of his remarkable story, entitled 'Do You Dream'. The original contains everything you would expect in a Markus Schulz production - a deep, moody bassline, weaved in between beautiful melodies and an energetic riff. 'Do You Dream' marks a significant milestone for Coldharbour Recordings, finding itself as the 75th release on the label and representing the Evolution event.

Check the official music video for 'Do You Dream', here on the Armada Music YouTube channel!


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