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Do You Dream album preview on YouTube

May 31, 2010
Mr. Schulz himself has something to say!

After last week’s Global DJ Broadcast ‘Do You Dream’ special, it’s time to reveal some more. We’ve uploaded the very first preview videos of Markus Schulz’ third artist album. Every day, we will reveal a new track and preview it on YouTube. But that’s not all..Mr. Schulz himself has something to say too!  If you want to get some inside info, find out what inspired him to make these tracks and why he worked with these vocalists, check the 30 minute ‘DYD’ video special with Markus Schulz!

So  head off to the special ‘Do You Dream’ playlist and get lost inside the world of Markus Schulz…
Like what you’re hearing? Then be sure to pre-order the album on iTunes.

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