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DNS Project takes it one step at a time

July 16, 2010
His vocal tracks ‘Timestep’ and ‘Mindful’ still move many prog-trance fans in their own way – but the DNS sway has only just started to sweep.

His vocal tracks ‘Timestep’ and ‘Mindful’ still move many prog-trance fans in their own way – but the DNS sway has only just started to sweep. Estonian producer/DJ Rene Pais, known for his DNS Project and Whiteglow monikers, has big things lined up. A multi-talent in his own right, he pours it out with a sound that varies from uplifting to deep and progressive to trance. There’s not a single border restricting the unlimited possibilities of music, especially not with a multi-faceted producer like Rene. With his ‘Timestep’ still sweeping floors, and a new, exciting collab coming up, it’s time to take things step by step, heading for one direction: the top.

Armada: Your ‘Timestep’ release, like your previews tracks, was supported by Armin on his ASOT radioshow. Congratulations on that! How does it feel to hear your own productions, have you got used to it yet?

Rene:“It always feels great to hear your tracks played on big radioshows. Well and it of course helps to promote the track quite a lot, too.“

Armada: Let’s take a little step back in time and talk about your variety of aliases. Whiteglow, DNS Project and Lens Flare– what can you tell us about them? Which one was the first?

Rene:“I’ve used my Whiteglow moniker for a few uplifting remixes, like Mike Foyle’s ’Silver Lake’ and Andy Moor’s ’She Moves’. The name DNS Project however has been my main alias from the very beginning. I use it for tracks between progressive and uplifting trance, like’ Timestep’. Lens Flare was used for a few slower progressive tracks last year.“

Armada: Let’s stick to the remix-topic a bit longer. What’s your normal working-ritual with them? Do you go with the flow or stick to an idea you had in mind?

Rene: “I usually come up with the main concept before I start producing the remix. In the process of remixing the idea might change a bit, but not much. :)“

Armada: What was it like with ‘Timestep’? Was it an easy one to create?

Rene: “It took about one month to produce ’Timestep’ cause I was very busy with some remixes as well. We changed the main vocal line a few times to get the best result. This took some time, too.“

Armada: ‘Timestep’ is already your second collab with Finnish vocalist Johanna already. Seems that the two of you make a great team. What makes her voice so special that you produced another track with her?

Rene: “Johanna’s voice has a great classical sound, which fits awesome into trancey tracks. ’Mindful’ was very successful and so we were sure that it needs a follow-up.“

Armada: In June you experienced your first foreign gig in Russia. What can you tell us about that one? Was it different than back at home?

Rene: “This indeed was my first foreign gig. The crowd was really amazing and I had the chance to play more deeper tracks than here in Estonia. Ufa City is really far from Estonia, but I'd definitely like to return and play there again!“

Armada: Your track ‘Mindful’ was your first vocal trance track and in the meantime you came up with ‘Uncross These Lines’ and ‘Timestep’. Seems that you are quite into vocal trance lately. What else do you have in stores for us in the upcoming year?

Rene: “I’ve just finished a new progressive vocal track. This time with a different vocalist. I also have a more tech-trancey track coming up, plus a collab with Mike Foyle. But more info on that very soon!“

Download 'Timestep' now on iTunes.

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