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DNS Project speaks his mind

February 23, 2010
After producing under his Lens Flare and Whiteglow alias, Rene starts 2010 with a DNS Project era. Be sure, promising times are ahead….

Sparkles everywhere, as the new tune of Estonian producer Rene Pais hits in. His ‘Mindful’, featuring the soothing vocals of Johanna, has just been released on the S107 label. Proggy sounds may be his specialty, but Rene sure isn’t shy of a little trance-violence or electric mingling. After producing under his Lens Flare and Whiteglow alias, Rene starts 2010 with a DNS Project era. Right about time for Armada Music to get a quick glance of what’s going on inside his mind. Be sure, promising times are ahead….

You kick off 2010 with a vocal track on S107, ‘Mindful’. The track has been rocking the ASOT show and is now exclusively available for download on TID. That’s a good start to the year, isn’t it?
Rene: “The beginning of 2010 has been amazingly great for me. Never expected such huge support from Armin on this single - it has now been played 4 times on the show, plus the Ronski Speed remix of it was also voted Future Favourite on last ASOT episode. Armin has featured the tune on 3 of his last ASOT Podcast episodes as well!”

You started producing in 2004 and sent your first demos in early 2006. Only 4 years later, you’ve got a slew of releases out on several big labels. What’s the one thing you’re most proud of to have achieved?
Rene:“'Mindful’ is definitely one of the tracks that I'm most proud of. Not many tunes get played four weeks in row on the ASOT radio show!”

Over the past few years, you’ve been working under several different aliases. Last year, you released two Lens Flare tracks. This year, you kick off with a DNS Project release. Why the shift in aliases?
Rene:“DNS Project has always been my main alias, since the beginning. I produced some slower type of progressive tracks under Lens Flare guise, but found that the melodic uplifting trance is still the main thing for me, so I decided to put main effort on profile of ‘DNS Project’.”

Back to your ‘Mindful’. What do we need to know about this vocal beauty?
Rene:”Mindful is the first vocal trance tune of mine. There are quite many different mixes on this single actually: Main mix is the Whiteglow Vocal mix with a Dub, Ronski Speed Remix and also a Progressive mix by myself. There is also a Radio edit, which is quite different from the original mix – it is oriented for more commercial type of radio stations. The track is out on all download portals.”

Who’s Johanna and how did you end up working with her?
Rene:”Johanna is a Finnish singer who is signed with Cloud 9 Music. I was recommended to work with her by Cloud 9, as she did a really nice job on her previous single with Vast Vision and Jason van Wyk.”

Got more vocal stuff on the menu? Actually, what do you have on the menu for 2010?
Rene:”I have just finished up a new vocal trance track with Lo-Fi Sugar, who is most known probably for the great tune by John O’Callaghan: ‘Never Fade Away’. Have also finished many upcoming remixes and currently I'm working on a remix for really big name in the trance scene, but more info about this one coming soon.”

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