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August 19, 2009
With only one day before the renowned DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Poll closes, it's time to awake all of you who haven't voted yet.

With only one day before the renowned DJ Mag Top 100 DJ Poll closes, it's time to awake all of you who haven't voted yet. You've had about 2 months time of reflection, so we're sure you figured out who deserves your vote. Voting ends September 23th, so be sure to cast it as soon as possible!

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With around 15 Armada artists in the current Top 100, and a whole lot more wanting to get in, the internationally renowned DJ Poll Top 100 by Britain's leading dance magazine DJ Mag is on our list of importance. To give you a hint of how your support effects the career of our DJ's, we've made an overview of what happened to our main artists the past couple of months.

Armin van Buuren

It's almost impossible to not have seen Armin in 2008. After being voted number one DJ for the second time, he travelled the globe in an amount of 150+ gigs. After his third artist album 'Imagine' saw its release in April, he kicked off with the world tour to promote it. The 'Armin Only : Imagine' tour started in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, The Netherlands and after that hit the Australian, American, Polish, Romanian and Belgian soil with its 9 hour show with live performances. Another highlight would be the 400th episode of his A State of Trance radioshow, celebrated with a 72 hour live broadcast and three events across Europe.

2008 also brought Armin his first on-the-road biography book, 'Eèn op èèn', a few very important Awards, a broken world-record and high chart positions, with amongst them 4 International Dance Music Awards, more than 26 million views to his 'In & Out of Love' music video on YouTube and of course: a whole lot of support of his fans along the way.

Markus Schulz

Last year, another dream of Markus Schulz was realized. He entered the Top 10 of the world's most popular DJ's. But Markus would be the last to sit still, so he put the bars up a bit. Besides finishing his Dakota project, on 'Thoughts Become Things', Markus also continues to feed his Coldharbour and Coldharbour Red labels with productions like 'Daydream' and 'Perfect' off his Progression artist album and the latter 'The New World' and 'Do You Dream' of his upcoming album. In sequence to his Amsterdam '08 album, he introduced 2009 to a new compilation of moody progressive and melodic trance, 'Toronto '09'.

His Global DJ Broadcast show is listened to by millions of dance lovers across the globe and his Coldharbour label just reached its 75th release, which was celebrated with a special 'Coldharbour Day' at Last.FM. Let's also not forget to mention the numerous gigs he had, that made him bring his signature sound to places all across the globe, from Ibiza to New York and Amsterdam to Tel Aviv. As the cherry on top of everything, Markus received the Award for 'Best American DJ' at the International Dance Music Awards in Miami.

Andy Moor

Currently holding the 18th position in the DJ Mag, it's only a matter of time before he heads off to the top ten DJ's of this globe. He's well on the way - with his own AVA Recordings label, gigs on every continent, productions like 'Daydream', 'Fake Awake' and 'So Much More', a Grammy nomination on his Delerium remix, and of course an ever growing fan base to support him.
His Moor Music Podcast is one of the fastest growing EDM radio shows with over 50k listeners, broadcasting in excess of 40 stations. Andy's fast growing AVA Recordings label joined forces with Armada Music at the end of 2008 - to provide us with some steamy hot progressive trance releases ever since. And things are only getting started'_

M.I.K.E. (Push)

For Mike Dierickx, the past year marked the return of an old friend. Despite the numerous productions this Belgian producer released under many aliases, there was one alias that would never lose its strength: PUSH. 'The Legacy', 'Universal Nation' and 'Strange World' have grown out to timeless trance classic, and with the Universal Voice EP and 'Dream Designer' out in 2008, the first few signs of a full return of this beloved moniker were given.

Mike, owner of a career that covers up more than hundred releases and 6 albums under more than 60 different aliases, went full throttle with a new Push album: Global Age. Mike: "The time was right to bring back where everybody was waiting for. You got the pro's, you got the contra's. But I just want to make music that I love without having the feeling people telling me what to do! I don't want to go back in time again and live on forever on previous successes. I'm not in competition with myself, I just strive to a new global sound ,trying to be innovative as much as I can." Knowing Mike, trying will soon end up in a few good tunes and great live experiences!


An important year for Remy, and not just musical wise. Remy was blessed with the birth of his twin. This proud father of two baby-girls and a boy has had a great year.
After the grand success he had with summer tune 'Mexico Can Wait' in late 2007, 2008 started with the release of 'Inflate/Mano', a tech-housy EP that was supported by many and loved by even more. As one of the most versatile DJ's around, Remy spread his sounds into the masses on numerous occasions- gigs both in and outside his Dutch homebase. Besides an overloaded gig-schedule, Remy kept himself busy with his own label, 68 Recordings. With some of the best and freshest releases in techno and house, both the label and Remy keep surprising the dance scene.

Josh Gabriel

For more than 25 years, Josh has been part of music. In different forms and ways, but always with an overriding passion for sound. After taking a different route in his musical career in 2008, Josh found himself facing some new challenges. But he's surely conquered them. After 6 years adventure with Gabriel & Dresden, he went solo. Josh set up his own label, Different Pieces, that became part of Armada Music in late 2008, to release several of his own gems and high-quality tracks by talents and renowned producers.
His solo album 'Eight' was released in October and covered up anything deephouse to high-riding techno, all with the Gabriel flavour. 'Tone Program' and 'Rubber' were the first two to come out of his holy kitchen.

Besides producing for several big artists, Josh has a few other exciting things lined up in 2009. He's working hard on his Winter Kills project, of which the first single 'Deep Down' will be released at the end of September, and a full album is in the making.

Mischa Daniels

He owns two labels (Fame & Zouk), remixed Sophie Ellis Bextor, mixed the Pacha Summer Anthems 2009 album, released more than 10 originals and has been dj'ing for more than 15 years already. He's got the right groovy house sound and skills to bring it to the masses. Need proof? Listen to tracks like 'So Strong', 'Disconnected', 'Another Place' and his De Nuit remake 'All That Mattered'. Yes, ladies and gents, we're talking about Mischa Daniels here! With a brand new album coming up, there's new stuff on the way - guaranteed to make you shake your body and set the tone for another housy year.

Dash Berlin

Hitting in at the speed of sound, summer anthem 'Till The Sky Falls Down' made the Dash Berlin sound known to the masses at an instant. And more was on the way, cause Dash Berlin had big plans for the future. That future is now, and carries the name 'Aropa Recordings'. Their very own label, launched at Armada Music has released the follow-up to Dash' first single, 'Man On The Run', in collaboration with top-trio Cerf, Mitiska and Jaren. A remix-package followed a few weeks after. Another highlight was the Dash Berlin remix of Depeche Mode.
Hold on tight for the future ride with Dash Berlin - there's a lot of new stuff coming up!

Roger Shah

Mister Magic Island himself was more than happy to enter last year's Top 100th on the 58th position. No wonder, after the emporium of summer-spirited tracks he's released and made name with. Be it under Roger P. Shah, Sunlounger, Black Pearl, High Noon at Salinas, Global Experience, Savannah or DJ Shah, he never settles for less than a high-quality, warm, Balearic sound . 'Who Will Find Me', 'Lost', 'Crawling', 'White Sand''_ every single track is a sunny, Balearic beauty with a warm touch to it. This german producer has been heating up the scene with his productions for many years already. No matter how cold the winter might be, there's plenty of heath descending from the magical tones and beats of his sound. And so is the mission of his Magic Island imprint, on which he released the first two Volume's of his 'Magic Island: Music For Balearic People' mix-albums. No matter how cold this winter might get, Shah will warm you up.

Glenn Morrison

Probably the most down-to-earth DJ/producer the EDM scene had to offer, is Glenn Morrison. Working himself up to a fully fledged artist in every meaning of the word: producer, DJ and label owner. There's not much this Canadian talent isn't focusing himself on. He divides his attention between running his Morrison Recordings label, producing fine tunes like 'No Sudden Moves' and 'Contact', creating soundscapes for videogames and movies, plus entertaining the crowds with his mix of warm, melodic proghouse and bigroom clubsounds.

Nick K

Nick K's trademark has always been a unique blend of quality house music regardless of genre or the latest hype for that matter. His sets have a unique hypnotic sound; at times clubby and funky, sometimes techy, acid or deep, but always filled with excitement. 2008 saw the release of his 'Nu-Visions', a mix album with new sounds and challenges.

Max Graham

Canadian DJ/Producer Max Graham has been going strong for more than 20 years already. As the proud owner of his Re*Brand label, he's released several big track over the years, of which his 'Owner of a Lonely Heart' and 'I Know You're Gone' could very well be the first coming to mind. 2008 was a busy year on the DJ side of things, but saw only two track releases by Max - 'Frozen' and 'The Power of One'. Currently, Max is working hard on his upcoming album. So keep an eye out!

Simon & Shaker

Spanish producer/DJ duo Simon & Shaker knows well how to deal with music business. With a new track, 'La Noche Del Cometa' under their Sundayprayers alias out on State Recordings and gigs piling up every weekend, they're on top of their game. The last few months the tech-house fans were in for a treat: 'Plastic Upgrades', 'Soultech!' and Simon & Shakers 'Surfaces' mix album has been pumping through their speakers ever since the release.

In 2008, a new concept was conceived: the Simon & Shaker Live experience. This live deejay show can be found in numerous clubs and at various festivals in Spain, soon to be followed by a slew of international gigs. Simon & Shaker: 'This is a new concept of performing which captures the impact of a DJ set with the elements of a live performance. We add what we do as DJ's with playing live instruments & synths which allow us to create a new experience from our musical productions. The show has been tested at various clubs in Spain and worked really well. We are really excited about this project because it allows us to really interact with the music.'

The upcoming months, Simon & Shaker are working on a follow up for their first Volume of 'Surfaces' and continue to provide us the best in techno, house and everything in between on their State Recordings label.


Mister sexy house himself, Swedish DJ/producer Stonebridge, has had another steaming hot year. Serving the housy, hot dishes to the masses for more than 20 years already, Swedish DJ/Producer StoneBridge doesn't require any seasoning to whatever comes out of his kitchen. Looking back on the past few months, he's got the release of his 'The Flavour, The Vibe Volume 3', his mix-album with the latest house releases. From hot and dirty, deep and melodic to jackin' house, it's all there. Same goes for Stoney's label, Stoneyboy.
With 2 artist albums, 96 releases and hundreds of remixes to back him up, this critically acclaimed superstar is one of the most experienced artists around the dance scene today.

Vote for your favourite Armada artist at the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll. Need suggestions? Check our Artist section.

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