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Discount: Armin van Buuren - The Music Videos

December 17, 2009
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In March 2009, the music video for Armin van Buuren's collaboration with Sharon den Adel, 'In & Out Of Love' received the Award for 'Best Music Video' at the International Dance Music Awards in Miami. A big feat in Armin van Buuren's impressive career. What made this extra special, was the amount of views the track received on YouTube. With more than 33 million views, 'In & Out Of Love' is the most viewed video all time on the Dutch YouTube, in all categories.

But the rest of this number one DJ's catalogue of music videos is at least as impressive as this mega-hit. With almost 15 years of music involvement and an ever-growing passion for music that's been there from childhood, Armin van Buuren built himself a solid discography. 'Blue Fear', 'Shivers', 'Yet Another Day', 'Serenity', 'Sail' and 'Never Say Never', to name a few.

For every Armin fan that wants to have a complete overview of all the Armin van Buuren music videos, 'Armin van Buuren - The Music Videos' will provide you with all the videos you need - plus a few extra. New videos have been shot for several of Armin's classics, putting these timeless tracks in a fresh spotlight. Completing this great giftbox, is a cd with all of the music from the videos. The perfect gift for Christmas, New Year or any other memorable occasion.

  1. Never Say Never (Feat. Jacqueline Govaert)
  2. Fine Without You (Feat. Jennifer Rene)
  3. Unforgivable (Feat. Jaren)
  4. In And Out Of Love (Feat. Sharon Den Adel)
  5. Going Wrong (With Dj Shah Feat. Chris Jones)
  6. The Sound Of Goodbye (Feat. Elles De Graaf)
  7. This World Is Watching Me (Vs Rank 1 Feat. Kush)
  8. Sail
  9. Love You More (Feat. Racoon)
  10. Serenity (Feat. Jan Vayne)
  11. Shivers (Feat. Susana)
  12. Burned With Desire (Feat. Justine Suissa)
  13. Yet Another Day (Feat. Ray Wilson)
  14. Communication
  15. Blue Fear Bonus Tracks
  16. Gaia - Tuvan
  17. Communication (Extended Version)

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