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Denzal Park interview

August 19, 2013
Time to get to know Denzal Park a bit better!

Time to get to know Denzal Park a bit better! Who are you guys?
We are Kam Denny and Paul Zala..  2 pale dudes both from Melbourne Australia. We've been working together for 4-5 years.

Where do we know you guys from?
Hopefully from clubs, festivals and anywhere playing bigroom music. We've had a quite a few singles and a bunch of remixes out over last few years.

Our first single together was 'Finally 2008' which we were lucky enough to have go to no.1 on Beatport. Since then we have done tracks including Filter-freak, I'm A Drum Machine, Militia, Nammos, Amarok, Warp 13 and others. We have remixed for lots of different artists,  Dirty South, Martin Solvieg, Rank 1 & Cicada. You can check them out on our Soundcloud page.

You boys just debuted on Trice Recordings! How did ‘Look Back’ come into being?
It was actually completed as an instrumental song quite some time ago. We always liked the track but could not land the right vocal to bring it together.

We sent it out to a few top-liners (vocalists) and labels for vocal writing.. We got a few things back but nothing that really jumped out at us. It was not until we sent it to Armada (Trice), who passed it onto Eyelar, that we got something back we felt excited about. As soon as we heard Eyelar's vocal on it we realised her tone really gelled with the feeling of the record. She did a stunning job on the vocal recording and really bought the whole thing together.

Will we be hearing more of Denzal Park in the near future?
For Sure! We have a lot of things coming out over the next few months and our single Supersonic is out in a week or so on Neon Records. We also have a collaboration with fellow Aussie Dave Winnel coming out shortly on Michael Wood's Diffused label and a track called Animal Heart which we are super excited about.

Where can we meet Denzal Park behind the decks soon?
We just got back from 5 week tour in the States so we are taking next week off from Djing and getting back into studio mode... We developed quite a few things on our laptops while we were away and want to get them into our studio to mix and finish off. Then we are off to Indonesia for some gigs and then back to Sydney for a gig at Pacha. We have a lot of gigs coming up in Australia and are looking at touring again in the States towards the end of the year.

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