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Dagfest - 'Back To The Streets' [OUT NOW]

October 13, 2015

A hustler's day is never through… Pimp canes aren't just for show, they're to support your back and joints after a long day of walking the mean streets of downtown collecting money. Football players have no idea — back in the 70s (when it was still P.C. to talk about pimpin'), The Bearded Man had to dip and dodge more than any athlete around as he gathered his daily wages. For passers by, it looked like he was dancing on the sidewalk, when in reality he was jumping over puddles of slime, avoiding used needles, and generally trying to keep his shoes their shiny white best in a world of filth. Just one drop of garbage on his fine white fur coat would ruin his day, so he had to be forever vigilant to not let that happen. He might have been the king of skid row, but the decrepit area never brought him down off his happy cloud. He was untouchable. He'd go home to his Scarface style palace, put the money he made in the vault, and then, would he rest? Would he hit the tub? Would he relax? Nope. He'd head back the streets, where another day of partying awaited him. A hustler's day is never through...

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