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Dabruck & Klein interview

October 14, 2010
Call it luck, call it talent, or simply call it a matter of hard work, but the fact is that Stefan Dabruck & Frank Klein have placed their bets on more than one horse.

Call it luck, call it talent, or simply call it a matter of hard work, but the fact is that Stefan Dabruck & Frank Klein have placed their bets on more than one horse. The German duo is in control of their own WePlay! label, discovered some of the biggest talents as A&R managers, produce their very own, successful anthems and travel the globe to introduce the dance-loving mass to the Dabruck & Klein experience. The multitasking duo has just been signed to Armada, released their 'I've Got My Pride (Hold Your Head Up High)' single and look forward to the year in which their debut album will hit the stores. The key to their success? D&K:"We call it the luck of the hard workers."

First of all – welcome to the Armada Music family! Excited to be signed to us?

Stefan:"Yes definitely, we are more than happy to join the Armada family and we're sure that this cooperation will rock in the future. We see it as one of the best steps we did in our music-history."

The two of you have been working together for more than 10 years already. How did you actually get to know each other?

Stefan:"We have different stories. We met at Pop Idols where we have been on a casting or we are the twins that found each other again 20 years later, but actually the sad truth is that we met 13 years ago on the island of Lanzarote, where I was working as an entertainer in a holiday resort, dj'ing every night, doing radio etc. and Frank was on holiday with his family. We started a conversation, because Frank was wearing a t-shirt with a techno-imprint. From there on I booked him 4-5 times a year to a small club where I was playing weekly on Lazarote. So we became good friends and one day Frank started working in the music business and asked me if I wanted to join. So I did!"

What makes you guys bond so well - musically wise?

Frank:"The funny thing is that we have exactly the same taste of music. We've always shared the same record/cd-case and always played back to back, me playing one track and Stefan the next. It´s really funny that sometimes I'm searching for a track to play it next and Stefan already has it in his hands. It´s the same with our A&R work, we never had any discussions about any signings."

These days, you guys are DJ's, producers, label owners and A&R managers. You guys managed to gain ground in music industry step by step. Has this always been the goal for both of you? What did it take to realize it?

Stefan:"The best thing about Dabruck & Klein is that we are really hard workers. We've been having a very busy week for 10 years in a row already. I think it's only possible because we are so in love with music and so happy that we can live from our hobby. We really started at the bottom of the music industry and have been willing to work twice or three times as hard as other guys. And of course we had some great luck with some signings as A&R's, but we call it the luck of the hard workers."

With all these different projects going on, it sounds like you both have music on your mind 24/7. Good at multi-tasking or is there a trick to it?

Frank:"Yes, especially Stefan is good at multitasking. He is a world champion in forgetting things on the train, like scarves, hats, suitcases etc. while he is telephoning with producers non-stop. Maybe the other secret is..don´t sleep too much!"

As an A&R team, the two of you discovered big names such as Axwell, Steve Angello and Tocadisco. How do you know if a track or an artist has potential? Is it a gut-feeling?

Stefan:"Yes it´s definitely the feeling which you have with artists. Sometimes it's not only about music. The names you mentioned, when we met these guys we were totally on fire. It was a great inspiration to meet a young Angello, Axwell, Tocadisco. And they had a great influence on us and what the label has been working on.

In 2008, you kicked off your very own 'We PLAY' label. With what reasons and goals did you two start the label?

Frank:"The main reason was just to do what we like doing. At our old label, Superstar, for which we were the A&R's and thus responsible for the music and signings, we always had the pressure to get more commercial. Then we met our new partner Elmar Braun, started WePlay together with him and nowadays we can say that we're 100 % busy doing what we love to do. We don't have to ask anyone and sometimes we only release tracks because we like them. Even if nothing happens with them."

The label has just had its 100th release, 'I've Got My Pride (Hold Your Head Up High)'. What's your recipe for success?

Stefan:: We are really happy that we've already reached our 100th release and we are more than happy to have this big artist on our label: Axwell, Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, TV Rock, Roger Sanchez, Laserkraft 3D, Dirty South, Bob Sinclar, Grum, Moguai, Jean Elan, DBN, Tim Berg, Tristan Garner and Norman Doray to name a few. That's exactly our sound and what we play in the weekends. The recipe is easy as we mentioned before; work hard, sleep less, take a lot of train and plane -rides and the most important: love what you're doing!

The debut album of Dabruck & Klein is coming up. How is it coming along so far? Any idea when we can expect it?

Stefan:"We are so excited about the album! After a whole decade in music business, it's finally time for our first album. To be honest it's nearly finished, we already have 15 tracks with some great cooperation's on them. We're really happy with it , especially since it's a journey through all styles of electronic music. I'm sure you can enjoy some tracks of it in the car, while other tunes are only made for the dancefloor. We're thinking of releasing it in February 2011. Again, we're very excited, even more now that it's coming out on Armada!"

What else do you guys have in stores for us? Any exciting DJ gigs, single releases, or anything else maybe?

Frank:"After 'I've Got My Pride', the second single of the album will be released at the end of December. A club-banger we did with our friend and rising star Gregory Klosman from Paris. We also just did two new remixes: one for the Tomorrowland-anthem from Dimi Vegas and Dada Life, the other one for 'Roger Sanchez - Together'. DJ-wise we just came back from Canada and will play mostly Europe till December. Then we are going on a tour in  Australia. For the album we're just preparing a worldwide-album tour, also very exciting. So hopefully see you soon somewhere in the world so that you can see what we love most beside the label work and producing: DJ'ing!"

'I've Got My Pride (Hold Your Head Up High) is now exclusively available on Beatport!


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