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'Cycles 2' previews online!

October 20, 2010
The exclusive previews of the 'Cycles 2' album are ready for you!

A bit more than 2 years lay between the first and second Volume of the Cycles compilation series. Luckily, Max Graham fans have only a short wait left before 'Cycles 2' hits the stores!

 ‘Cycles 2’ awaits you with tracks by the likes of Arty, Estiva, Mat Zo, Mike Shiver, Protoculture and Mark Eteson as well as brand new tracks of Max himself. Those that can't wait any longer, or simply love to see and hear a bit more about the tracks on it, are more than welcome on our official Armada Music YouTube Channel!  The exclusive previews of the 'Cycles 2' album are ready for you!

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