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Cosmic Gate - 'Telefunken' [out now]

July 18, 2014

‘Fair Game’, ‘Falling Back’, ‘So Get Up’ – they’ve all come, they’ve all rocked, and each in turn has brought a new shade & tone to ‘Start To Feel’s constitution. Now, once again, the album changes stylistic tack, with an affectionate ‘audiogram’ to their home country. The studio love child of Cosmic Gate and fellow German production wunderkind Jerome Isma-Ae, the result is endemically Teutonic, and smartly channels the country’s earliest electronic music origins. A thrilling piece of retro-future-ism, standby for this year’s Electronic Family festival anthem: ‘Telefunken’.

Plug in the valves, charge the electrics and flip that power button: the extraordinary ‘Telefunken’s about to seize 2014’s airwaves. A referential ode to the Telefunken Corporation - Germany’s pioneering radio manufacturer, musically its every bit as much a knowing nod to the country’s single most influential electronic music act.

Atop its platform of marching drums, hissing, industrious FX, clave percussion and a hyper-enigmatic once-heard/never forgotten harpsichord riff, Nic, Bossi & Jerome use 70s & 80s emulating synths to generate ‘Telefunken’s feel. Panning, echoing  & delaying its square waveform sonic, backed by crowd-flaming pitch-bends, it finally drops its Kraftwerk-ian lead-line with a TKO effect.

Ready to seal the feel of July’s Electronic Family (and dozens of other festivals besides), the decade-warping ‘Telefunken’ is here.

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