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Cosmic Gate - 'Start To Feel' (Deluxe Edition) [OUT NOW]

June 19, 2015

Labelled by music bible MIXMAG as "stylistically fearless, panoramic, astonishing and a hallowed height of perfection", Cosmic Gate's 'Start To Feel' seemed to reach the 'legendary' status in no time. The illustrious duo emerged from within the Trance genre with their own, iconic sound and created an album of unparalleled magnitude.

An outstanding album like 'Start To Feel' demands an all-inclusive experience, and that's where the Deluxe Edition comes in. Adding no less than fourteen sublime exclusive new remixes and all six music videos to the ever impressing Cosmic Gate originals, an all-embracing musical journey is guaranteed. With tracks like Gareth Emery's remix of 'Going Home' (with Emma Hewitt), Rafaël Frost's Remix of 'Sparks After The Sunset' (with Sarah Lynn), and Alexander Popov's take on 'Run Away' (with Eric Lumiere), there's no going wrong.

'Start To Feel' marked another chapter in Cosmic Gate's career and this Deluxe Edition is a more than worthy addition to the story, as it has grown to be a book able to withstand the test of time. With Cosmic Gate, you never know what could be next. But one thing is for certain: the groundbreaking music you were desperately looking for can be found right here.

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