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Cooperated Souls feat. Ruber - 'Tear Apart' [out now]

February 07, 2015

What do you know about breakdancing? If you haven't educated yourself with the tried and tested resources on the subject, namely 'Breakin' and 'Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo', then son, it's about time you learned. He may not have been featured in the movies, but The Bearded Man was on set each and every day to remind the cast and crew of what it means to be real. In fact, he choreographed every single dance move in the series. Why? Because when The Bearded Man was a young rich girl, his parents didn't let him exercise his passion for dancing. They would rather he "conformed" to "society's" "rules" "man". But he couldn't allow that, so he snuck out to hang with inner city youth, and that's where he learned to drop all the pretense and get down to what's real. When he first heard Cooperated Souls feat Ruber's 'Tear Apart', he had all the courage he needed to raise money to keep the community center alive and well.

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