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Conjure One - 'Holoscenic' [PRE-ORDER NOW]

October 28, 2015

As the legend of Delerium lives on in Conjure One, the masterpiece of the main creative outlet of producer Rhys Fulber finally emerges as one of the world's best kept secrets. The former member of industry flag bearers Front Line Assembly and crossover act Delerium is one of the most diverse producers of his time and brings you the multifarious creations of his 'Holoscenic' album.

Ranging from the astounding 'Kill The Fear' feat. Hannah Ray and the entrancing 'Miscreant' to the powerful 2013 singles 'Under The Gun' feat. Leigh Nash and 'Still Holding On' feat. Aruna, the album is fresh, intriguing, and absolutely striking. Home to some the most beautiful vocal performances and incredible atmospheres, 'Holoscenic' offers a lot more than any singular genre could offer. It encompasses the best of various musical worlds, combined into one of the most distinctive albums to date. And at long last, you can listen to it in all its glory.

Release date: November 20th

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