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Classic of the week: W&W - Mustang

September 23, 2012
In 2002, one particular sentence ruled the dance floors: “You write the rules, I play along.” Coming from a track that has withstand the test of time, it still brings up great memories a decade later. We’re talking about ‘U Write the Rules’, from Young Parisians.

The boys of W&W have come a long way since their first release. Currently #36 in the DJ Mag Top 100, owners of their very own Mainstage Music label and the masterminds behind hits such as ‘Shotgun’, ‘Impact’ and the official ASOT550 anthem, ‘Invasion’, you could say that it’s been one big rollercoaster of a ride. Trance land was first introduced to W&W in 2008. And that’s exactly when ‘Mustang’ hit in.

Being hammered by the big dj’s, from Tiësto to Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Eddie Halliwell, Johan Gielen and everyone else, W&W became hot property. Only a year after they first met, Sander van Doorn played their ‘Mustang’ at Trance Energy 2008, making a 30.000 trance lovers go nuts on their phat beats, compressed melody and mind-blowing hi-hats. W&W achieved their first goal: to create a true big room anthem.

W&W: ‘After we went to ASOT 300 in Den Bosch and arrived home, we were in a producing mood. Cause we both really like the big room anthems which work great on a dance floor, we wanted to make something like that as well. That’s how ‘Mustang’ was born. Of course we hoped that it would get been picked up by Armin and Tiësto, but when almost every trance DJ was hammering that track and Armin played it for like 6 months, that was way beyond our expectations. ‘ Armada Music quickly snatched the guys and released the track in a duo-pack with their ‘Eruption’ on the Captivating Sounds imprint. Along with ‘Mustang’, a new sound was born.

W&W didn’t only deliver two bangers of tracks, but also introduced their unique, typical sound. Willem and Wardt both define it as ‘big room trance with a techy edge’. And that’s exactly what made them so big!

Rediscover this future classic, and check it out in the Trance Top 1000 on Spotify!

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