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Classic of the Week: Gabriel & Dresden – Tracking Treasure Down

January 20, 2013
“I know this will be, something I remember in my head. Something I remember.”

“I know this will be, something I remember in my head. Something I remember.”

A self-fulfilling prophecy perhaps? The fact is, that 7 years after its first release, the monster hit of Gabriel & Dresden still stands as one of the biggest EDM classics and favourites. ‘Tracking Treasure Down’, with vocals by Molly Bancroft, is our classic of the week. And a big one indeed!

The legendary team-up of Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden is one of the most successful projects of the past decade. Under their Gabriel & Dresden moniker, they scored no less than 17 Billboard number one hits and created classics such as ‘Arcadia’, ‘Let It Go’, Motorcycle’s ‘As The Rush Comes’ and of course…’Tracking Treasure Down’. After a break from the beloved project, the re-united in 2011. And guess what? There’s a brand new version of ‘Tracking Treasure Down’ coming up soon!

To get you in the mood, it’s time to head back to memory land and rediscover this essential EDM classic! Enjoy the dark, playful melody, distinctive vocals (with backing vocals by Josh’ son Rowan!) and contagious drive! Check out ‘Gabriel & Dresden ft. Molly Bancroft – Tracking Treasure Down’ on Spotify!

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