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Classic of the Week: Firewall - Sincere

November 25, 2012
We go back in time, setting the date to 2003. That year, the crowds were enchanted by one track in particular. The warm and mesmerizing ‘Sanctuary’, perfectly translating what we all feel when we’re losing ourselves into the music.. this is our sanctuary.

Throughout the years, the A State of Trance imprint has become the home to many trance classics and classics-to-be. The 6th E.P. released on Armin van Buuren’s label, was the dreamy deep ‘Sincere’, by UK producer Stuart Langelaan. Though he’s most known for his Lange alias, he released this classic under the Firewall moniker. ‘Sincere’ became one of the biggest dance floor sensations in 2003.

Stuart Lange has been producing and remixing EDM since 1997, ranging from the purest of trance to the slightly progressive side of it. ‘Sincere’ was the first track released with his ‘Firewall’ guise and one of the few productions he did under this moniker. With its sensitive yet uplifting melody, the minimalistic break and profound beat, ‘Sincere’ has grown out to be that tune that never leaves your playlist.

Stuart:“ I remember being quite experimental with this track.  Maybe I was bored, but I got a microphone out and started recording all sorts of noises to add a human feel, including my own voice to add some atmosphere pads. Part of the breakbeat in the middle was actually me tapping/scratching with my hands on my mixing desk! I think it’s got a bit of character to it and it gently builds up rather than the typical ‘breakdown-build up-drum roll-bang in’ style that was so common at the time. Also, my good friend Pulser did an amazing job on the remix to create a more late set mix.”

Head back in time and rediscover this timeless tune all over again!

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