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Classic of the week: Envio – For You

December 02, 2012
We go back in time, setting the date to 2003. That year, the crowds were enchanted by one track in particular. The warm and mesmerizing ‘Sanctuary’, perfectly translating what we all feel when we’re losing ourselves into the music.. this is our sanctuary.

Three years after his first hit ‘Touched By The Sun’ was released, Swedish producer Ashkan Fardost returned to the A State of Trance label with another winner. Under his beloved Envio moniker, he brought the beat-beauty of ‘For You’. An emotional trance tune with an intricate melody, unforgettable guitar and sweeping, summer-spirited strings. If anything, Envio is a genius at seducing the ears and triggering the senses. The youngster, aged 21 at the time of release in 2006, saw his ‘For You’ grow into a future classic for the new generation of trance lovers. And that future is now!

‘Envio – For You’ left no speaker system around the globe untouched, leaving a memorable impression. It led to a impressive cooperation, namely one with Armin van Buuren and Nadia Ali. For those that didn’t knew: Ashkan co-wrote ‘Who Is Watching’. Housy banger ‘Good Lovin’, that was released on the Fame imprint under his Ashman guise, shows just how diverse this talent really is. In the meantime, the Stockholm-based producer has successfully graduated from his Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences and focusses on the more loungy, down-tempo type of music.

So the question is, will we ever see a new Envio track? In an interview with Ashkan, in 2009, he told us that there’s still hope for us Envio lovers! Ashkan:“I will not entitle anything Envio until I am fully certain that it will out-master any previous work of dance music of mine, just in order to keep the Envio-alias alive and collect some amounts of cash or whatever the reason would be. Hopefully, by not being able to listen to dance music for a while, the next Envio track will sound as new and unique to our present time as the very first one did back then. So let me make this clear: Envio is not dead, it's just in a healthy coma (or a musical bear pit).”

Want to relive some memories and head back to 2006? Then check out ‘Envio – For You’ on Spotify!

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