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Classic of the week: Chicane - Saltwater

August 26, 2012
In 2002, one particular sentence ruled the dance floors: “You write the rules, I play along.” Coming from a track that has withstand the test of time, it still brings up great memories a decade later. We’re talking about ‘U Write the Rules’, from Young Parisians.

A pioneer, living legend and the mastermind behind some of EDM’s biggest classics. We’re talking about Nick Bracegirdle, the man behind Chicane. Thoughout the past 15 years of his career, he’s given us 6 artist albums, filled with his typical, Balearic spirited sound. This week’s classic of the week belongs to him, a timeless and beloved track that will never lose its power. Here it is, ‘Chicane - Saltwater’.

Released in 1999, when trance first started to conquer the charts and casted a wave over Europe, it were the vocals of Clannad’s singer Maire Brennan that rushed in. ‘Saltwater’ was and still is Chicane’s biggest hit, and has grown into an everlasting classic.

Head back in time and rediscover this crowd favourite in the Trance Top 1000 on Spotify!

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