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Classic of the week: Chicane - Autumn Tactics

September 30, 2012
In 2002, one particular sentence ruled the dance floors: “You write the rules, I play along.” Coming from a track that has withstand the test of time, it still brings up great memories a decade later. We’re talking about ‘U Write the Rules’, from Young Parisians.

In 2000, UK producer Chicane and singer Justine Suissa made the passing of summer season lot less cold. It was their collaboration, taken from Chicane’s ‘Behind The Sun’ album, that still comes to mind whenever the dreary but colourful season of autumn kicks in. ‘Autumn Tactics’ is one of those classics that will never fade…

"The hiding sun…feels like it’s just begun.." We bet that once the lush, warm proggy sounds of this Chicane classic kicks in, you immediately remember the lines to ‘Autumn Tactics’. Wrapping you in like a warm blanket, that’s what it does to you. And that’s exactly why we named it our classic of the week!

Warm yourself up, and relive those memories, with ‘Autumn Tactics’ on Spotify!

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