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Classic of the Week: Airbase – Escape

December 09, 2012
We go back in time, setting the date to 2003. That year, the crowds were enchanted by one track in particular. The warm and mesmerizing ‘Sanctuary’, perfectly translating what we all feel when we’re losing ourselves into the music.. this is our sanctuary.

Flash back to any 2006 trance party and you’ll be blown away by the incredible classic that is ‘Airbase – Escape’. Created by Swedish producer Jezper Soderlund, it became the favourite record of DJ’s and crowds alike. Moving us with its hypnotic, emotional melody, captivating build-up and heart-rending breakdown, it doesn’t exactly need explanation why this tune deserves to be called ‘Classic of the Week’!

Released on Intuition Recordings in February 2006, it was hammered by DJ’s such as Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Tiësto and many other big jocks. It wasn’t the first success for the talented Airbase and it has proven not to be the last one either, but ‘Escape’ does still remains one of his biggest. The Swedish talent is  hot off the release of his new tune ‘The Uppercut’ on the A State of Trance label and looks back upon the release of no less than 20 records and 50 remixes in the last decade. And he’s not planning to rest on his laurels.

Want to relive that lush, melodic explosion and get carried away by ‘Escape’? Then check it out on the latest Volume of the A State of Trance Classics series on Spotify!

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